[travel] What is there in Cologne?

Apart from this?

After a stressful flight from Rome to Amsterdam, I got back to my room in Utrecht at 11:30pm on 17 January 2014. I rushed to do laundry, check emails, and do some very very last minute packing for yet another adventure the next day. Yes, I have to get up at 5am to catch my 6am train for Cologne. Guys, this is seriously strenuous alright. After 1 week of non-stop sightseeing in Italy, a flight + train ride + biking back, a few hours of doing laundry and waiting for my clothes to dry, I have 3 hours of sleep before getting back to the road.

Given my fragile state on that day, it is no surprise that I did not enjoy Cologne very much.

Cologne is the fourth-largest city in Germany and one of the major metropolitan European areas. It was the most heavily bombed city in Germany during WW II; many of the historic buildings were destroyed and later restored, making the city landscape quite, well, exciting? But again, I was so tired I couldn’t find Cologne exceptionally fun/amusing. The Cologne Cathedral is big and cool, but I was so done with churches at that moment (the Rome fatigue). The cobbled streets were nice and clean. Being Sunday, the town was happy and crowded. There were some occasional colorful houses making for good photos. The Rhine was mighty and… cold. Those are my uninspiring fragments of Cologne.

The city’s favorite landmark, the 13th century Roman Catholic Cologne Cathedral. Apparently, this World Heritage Site is Germany’s most visited landmark :O I thought that it looked quite impressive outside, but the interior was just okay.

Really cool facade…

From the cathedral it is an easy stroll to the Rhine river…

where you can walk on the Hohenzollern Bridge and look at all those love locks. Personally I find that kind of lovelock tradition (be it in Korea, Paris, Berlin or Cologne) really pathetic and damaging to public property. Apparently many people think the opposite.

Talking of pathetic… It was so cold on the bridge that my friend and I had to retreat inside the cathedral to keep ourselves warm…

Yes we sat here for about one hour doing nothing…

Even the door handle looks more glamorous than our lives on that day…

Cologne Rathaus (City Hall):

Some shots of the street… Luckily it was a sunny day so my fatigued soul was soothed a bit.

You know that I am really tired when the only thing that makes me happy is KFC… Yes, that greasy, inhumane, capitalistic chicken thigh. It is the only thing to make me happier when I am in a bad shape.

Some pretzels to follow wouldn’t hurt…

and neither would a warm cup of Starbucks coffee…

Believe it or not the best thing in Cologne for me was neither the cathedral nor the lovelocked bridge.
It was at this tiny place that I suddenly developed a love affair with Cologne:

We ordered 3 kinds of curry: yellow, vegetable and green curry.

My green curry was ridiculously delicious. The resto is run by Thai staff and the food cooked by Thai chefs so no worry about authenticity. Sometimes random discovery is what makes a whole trip.

Thai Basilikum, Fleischmengergasse, Cologne, Germany


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