[eat] Gastronomic bliss at Wolfhound @ Itaewon, Seoul

I’ve just realised it’s been more than three weeks since I last updated. I’d blame life, if everyone didn’t already know my severe lack of consistency on anything that requires more than 15 minutes of concentration. That’s not the point however. The point is, right now as I’m wrapped up in piles of blankets like a giant burrito and binge watching Skins, all I want is some nice comfort food followed by maybe 2 tubes of ice cream and a good night sleep. Luckily my partner who’s now at Wolfhound chilling has promised to bring home just what I want. So until I get my fish and chips, I could pause my weekend marathon and use some time to review Wolfhound.

Even though I’ve had a fair share of good fish and chips in my life (mostly in New Zealand and surprisingly none in Britain) and it is actually one of my favourite comfort foods, ever since I lived in Korea the dish has never really popped up in my schema whenever I’m eating out. So when my partner brought me to Wolfhound, I was quite excited, partly because wow there was fish and chips on the menu and partly because the pub looked very cosy and nice in the sunlight.  Apart from Fish and chips (13,900 KRW), we also had a Bacon ranch burger (10,900 KRW) and a Beef pie (14,900 KRW).

The burger and the fish came out at the same time.

The fish and chips was a total joy. Instead of one big fish cut the dish came in three small cuts served with tartar sauce, vinegar, lemon and of course potato wedges. The fish was moist and satisfying. The batter was evenly and beautifully golden. The potatoes weren’t not the best ones I’d ever had but it was the fish I rooted for so everything was alright. Though I couldn’t say the same for my partner. He thought the potatoes could have been better if they’d been fried once more.

The beef pie was a whole bucket of delightful. It looked and tasted like a homemade dish. The pastry was thin and crispy. Though I would have liked it even more if it had been a bit thicker. The filling was rich and flavourful, beef thoroughly braised and mushroom sauce-soaked. The mashed potato was oh so lovely. If it hadn’t been for the wedges I’d consumed before the beef pie was served, I would have downed the mash in one go (is it even possible). Scoop a small amount of potato, dip it into the soup and repeat. Before you even know it everything is gone. I’m more used to seeing beef pie served with salad but together with mashed potato they don’t make a bad combination after all.

I was so gastronomically invested in the beef pie that I almost forgot there was also a bacon ranch burger waiting for me on the table. Alas both my partner and I were relatively full so we weren’t as half eager as we’d been when we dived in for the fish and beef pie. I thought the burger was alright overall. The chicken was well seasoned, slightly dry for my liking but the bacon, veggies and sauce all came together nicely.

Love it when a restaurant is devoid of people

Wolfhound serves good food (and possibly good beer or so I hope) at a reasonable price and gives off a homey vibe (if you’re Irish and the like that is). Be sure to check it out while you’re in the neighbourhood.

For opening hours, direction and menu, visit their website http://www.wolfhoundpub.com/



3 thoughts on “[eat] Gastronomic bliss at Wolfhound @ Itaewon, Seoul

  1. Wolfhound is one of those Itaewon staples that will probably be around for another 10 years. I love the place, although unfortunately, do not get too much of an opportunity to go there now. The fish and chips however might sway me back.

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