[cafe] Afternoon tea at Bloom and Goûté Café @ Garosugil, Apgujeong

Sunday means nice brunch and long conversation over a cup of tea/coffee/anything you want really. Sunday also means spending a little more frivolously and indulging ourselves some extra sweet we’ve been craving all week. In short Sunday is a perfect day for afternoon tea. That said, never in my two years of living in Korea had I actively searched for a place serving high tea (the last time I read a high tea review in Seoul was at least 6 months ago) nor bumped into a cafe that actually offers the service. That is, until last week when I stumbled upon Bloom and Goûté – a pretty flower cafe that looked too good on the outside to pass by.

As soon as I saw the afternoon tea (28000 KRW) on the menu, all thoughts of having any other drinks and desserts immediately evaporated. It wasn’t helping that the price was more than reasonable so my partner and I thought it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try. Figured a pot of tea and a few tiny pastries wouldn’t do my insatiable stomach justice (and don’t we all have eyes bigger than our belly more often than not?), I shamelessly ordered a lasagna (14,500 KRW) despite knowing that Pizza D’buzza was located right next to where we were sitting at, and internally prayed that the lasagna wouldn’t suck balls (sorry for the language).

Fortunately, the lasagna was not half bad. Maybe I was too awestruck by the overall presentation on the table to actually pay extra attention to the food or maybe the lasagna was quite tasty with thick sauce and rich flavour derived from the mixture of cheese, mushroom, meat and a moderate dose of seasoning. Besides, they gave a generous amount of salad on the side, which is, in my experience of living in Korea, a rare occasion. The only thing I didn’t like about the lasagna was that the pasta was sort of flaky, meaning they could have made/used bigger sheets of pasta to make the dish firmer. But then that’s just personal preference.

Some random shots while waiting for my partner to go order

Every table has this little flower bottle, designed with different flowers and styles. Just gorgeous.

The tables outside are nice, but too small due to their limited space.

It got a bit chilly so we moved inside and chose a table by a window. The view was absolutely dull but at least I got a light source for the pictures.

The tea set finally came. I had a classic Earl grey while my partner went for Ginger. How the Ginger tea had the girly pink colour was totally beyond me. The tableware honestly didn’t live up to my expectation, what with tea cups too big and too light. The tea cup could be made from plastic for all I know.

Clotted cream, jam and milk

Tea time~

The sandwiches were surprisingly a delight. There were two flavours, one Ham and cheese and the other Apple and cheese. Ham and cheese was just ham and cheese, unless these two ingredients are quality. But apple and cheese, together they truly make a combo from heaven. With cheese being its wingman, the mixture of juiciness, sweetness and freshness of apple visibly popped out and increased tenfold. The pastries and other sweet treats (meringues and jelly) were a joy on a gloomy cloudy Sunday.

Despite being tucked in a rather hidden corner, Bloom and goûté is a spacious and well-known cafe in the area. However, being located in such place is a problem when it comes to natural light source. The cafe has really poor natural light and is so dark inside. It isn’t an exaggeration when I say I had to watch my steps when I was making way to move inside.

Overall, Bloom and Goûté Café is a fairly pleasant place to spend some time visiting while you’re in Garosugil.  Just make sure you’ll be there early to get a table outside and enjoy the day in the sun.

Bloom and Goûté Café, Sinsa station, line 3, exit 8:


One thought on “[cafe] Afternoon tea at Bloom and Goûté Café @ Garosugil, Apgujeong

  1. I’ve never been but I have been searching for a high tea place! THANK YOU!! Cannot wait to get here! Perhaps this weekend! I see good weather reports are in store for us. Thanks again! :)

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