[travel] The cats of Anafiotika, Athens… and other things…

If there is only one place to go in Athens, I’d head straight to Anfiotika.
Don’t get me wrong. Athens is quite an amazing city. The Acropolis is mindblowing. The food amazing and the coffee incredible. Athens, in a way, reminds me a lot of Hanoi–that bustling, chaotic city with too much heat and too much traffic. Just like how I cannot quite identify my feeling for Hanoi, be it love, fear, hatred, confusion–I am not sure how I felt about Athens. Athens is so different from the Western European cities I have been to; it possesses a totally different vibes from Mediterranean destinations I have visited. I tell everyone I know to visit Athens because, heck, it’s cheap, and I usually stop there.

But if there is one place that makes me want to go back to Athens, again and again and again, it must be Anafiotika.

Anafiotika is a tiny neighborhood located right next to Acropolis hill and is adjacent to the historical area of Plaka. In the middle of the hot, dry, chaotic Athens with ugly buildings and even uglier grafiti, Anafiotika immadiately takes you to a different dimension. It is a Greek island in the heart of the city, with white-washed walls, small spaces, blue doors, and colorful flowers. And cats. Lots of them. During my 5 days in Athens, I came back to Anafiotika repeatedly just to stalk the kitties and enjoy that peaceful atmosphere. Be it early morning, high noon or late afternoon, Anafiotika charmed, mesmerized, and remained consistently beautiful.

Enough with rambling, here are a LOT of photos of that tiny, tiny neighborhood. I think I took like 200 shots of Anafiotika, because at every nook and cranny, at every corner and quaint street, up the trees and above the roofs, Anafiotika always, always had something to capture your heart.

Around Anafiotika… so many cats. so many. too many. I was so happy I couldn’t stop flailing, smiling, laughing, grinning like an absolute maniac. If you worship cats like me, you’d understand. Where there is a cat, there is a way. Where there is a cat, you can find me. I’d cross 7 hills and 7 mountains and 7 seas just to find a place filled with kitties. And nothing else.

Screw you guys I’m going home. Eric Cartman ftw.

Casually chic:


And inside the neighborhood itself.. such simple, genuine beauty:

and peaceful:

all these shades of blue…

and if you don’t fall for this then sorry we can’t be friends (bye):


CRYING 267267378738383873838989389398 DROPS OF TEARS BECAUSE CATS.

They just dgaf you know.

Okay some fuck was given and I was elated thank you his royal highness.

Casually licking their balls. Only cats can pull this off so effortlessly elegant.

Humans just what do you think you are doing.

I have always known that cats dominate the globe.

and look down on us with contempt.

or look straight into our souls with their piercing glare.

or just not even bother looking at all.

But best of all? A kitty on a hardcore motorbike. Now we are talking.

Anafiotika is a wonderful place to visit and enjoy should you find yourself in Athens. No trip to Athens would be complete without a walk up this gem of neighborhood. And if you cannot make it to one of the numerous Greek islands, this is the closest to heaven you can find!


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