[eat] Korean BBQ at 고기창고 (Gogi Changgo) @ Sinchon, Seoul

Hi, okay, I am back, I guess. Where have I been? Tanzania & Kenya, then back to Korea after a 30-hour flight (layover time included) amid the Ebola outbreak -.- Good thing is that I have now settled in at Yonsei dorm, bad thing is that I am just back from a 5 day trip to Cebu where, conveniently enough, a tropical storm hit the country and my plan to see things was wrecked. I love my life. The cherry on top is that my plane touched down in Korealand at 1am and I am now waiting for the first limousine bus back to my dorm which will depart at 5:30am. No I am not complaining I am just ranting.

Sarcasm aside, I am back, guys. I am in a shitty mood (those who follow my facebook will understand why), but I am also professional. I simply cannot let my mood defeat my purpose in life, i.e. eating good food & blogging about it.

That said, what is better to mark my comeback with a review of Korean BBQ?

고기창고 seems to have always been the hot buzz in town. Numerous Korean bloggers have raved about this place, and the resto itself has appeared on a bunch of Korean variety shows (a testament to the food quality, at least that’s how Koreans see it). I have zero interest in Korean variety shows, and I find all those captions & pictures from a show boasting a restaurant totally tacky. But I am a weirdo so never mind.

So how did I come across 고기창고? My friend who just came from Finland asked me to take her to a good BBQ place in town. I always put my faith in 산적 , but this place is way tooooo far from where I live and a sane person would never travel more than 30 minutes for a meal in the traumatizingly humid Korean summer. After entering some magic keywords in naver (bbq, meat, restaurant, sinchon), 고기창고 was one of the few results that kept appearing. So 고기창고 it is.

The menu at 고기창고 is pretty basic: pork, marinated pork, beef ribs, marinated ribs, pork neck, pork skin. The prices are pretty reasonable for such a well-known restaurant (8000 to 15000 KRW per portion of 150 or 200g, depends on whether you order pork or beef). Because I hadn’t blogged in a while, I totes forgot to take picture of the menu. Yes, I feel terrible. I fail as a blogger. I am not professional at all. I know. Now let’s move on.

My friend said she would pay for the meal so I decided to splurge a bit (I am good at spending other people’s money). For 3 girls, we sure ordered quite a lot…

Samgyeopsal (pork belly/8000 KRW for 200gr) to whet our appetite. Looking fancy and all.

Followed by Saeng galbi (ribs/12000 KRW for 150gr) because galbi is a classic and why would you pass a classic?

My personal favorite, dwaeji galbi (marinated pork ribs/9000 KRW for 250gr). Dwaeji galbi can be tricky–the ribs can be over sweetened, but when marinated right, they are delish. Luckily 고기창고 knows how to rock this stuff.

Gyeran jjim (egg stew)–the standard free side dish that any respectable Korean BBQ should give you. Tasted good, but nothing special:

Now, the moment of truth ;)

All in all, everything was delicious. The meat was fresh and tender. The beef was especially sweet and juicy. The marinated galbi was just right without that dreaded oversweetness.

I always grill the garlic and kimchi with the meat. Trust me, a perfectly grilled piece of garlic soaked in pork fat is one of the few things that make me happy in this sad life.

I liked 고기창고, but I am still devoted to 산적 . However, if you find yourself in Sinchon and looking for an authentic, simple Korean BBQ with reasonable price and good quality, this is the place. I am a cheap person, but I’d choose 고기창고 over the numerous 5000KRW-per-200gr-of-samgyeopsal in the Sinchon area.

고기창고, Sinchon station exit 1 or 2.


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