[leisure] Seoul viewed from 63 Building (≧▽≦)

After 3 years of residency in this fine city, I realize that except for the numerous restaurants I have been to, I have pretty much avoided popular places in Seoul like a plague. I always have a tendency to avoid tourist traps, or generally places with too many people… you get my point.
Thank God(?) I now have 2 friends fresh from Europe who are eager to soak in the atmosphere of this city. As much as I hate to travel outside of the Sinchon-Edae vicinity these days, courting these two curious folks to popular places in town is a perfect excuse/motivation for me to actually look at Seoul from a non-foodie POV.
Ugh I speak too much. Let’s cut to the chase. Yesterday was the biggg day for Seoulites because it was the time for the annual firework festival. I hate fireworks, I think that it is a waste of money, but due to various reasons I listed above, I decided to go out and have fun (lol). Determined to avoid the insane crowd of firework-lovers by the river bank, the friend and I aimed to a higher ground.

63 Building used to be one of the highest buildings in Asia. Although its height is no longer impressive by modern standard, the gold and bling bling building located right by the Han River is still a head turner. In order to get to 63 Building, get out of Saetgang station (line 9) exit 3 and walk towards the highest building with the word Hanhwa 63 City (its official name). It’s super tall and yellow you can’t miss it. Once inside (B1 floor), walk towards the ticket booth and buy a ticket to the observation desk + sky art gallery (13000 KRW). The ticket booth is located at a different place from the elevator to the observation desk.

Even the fee is a bit steep, the view is totally worth it.

That green island afar is Seonyudo Park:

Buildings after another :O

Make sure to visit the building at around sunset time to catch this gorgeous hue draping over Seoul…

and stay a bit longer to appreciate Seoul by night:

The firework gave us a perfectly valid excuse to stay past dark:

Apart from the commanding view of Seoul on top, 63 Building, like many other department stores in Seoul, has an array of shops to satisfy your shopper’s instinct. And let’s not forget the Wax Museum, the huge buffet restaurant called Buffet Pavilion, Walk on the Cloud bar, and 63 Seaworld.


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