[eat] 1.2kg of beef at Dally So @ Hongdae, Seoul. Need I say more?

It has been a what-the-fuck month for me, thus explains my M.I.A. Nowadays I mostly stay put in my cozy room & ponder over life & death, while eating cheap gross food because I honestly stop giving a fuck about my once passion in life, eating good food. When I stop giving a fuck about food, it means I am in a serious shitstorm.

Anyhow, things have been picking up, slowly but steadily recently. And I attribute such progress with my thrilling experience with 1.2kg of beef last week. Ugh. So good. To be fair, I have eaten out a bit past month, but it’s mainly uninspiring chicken & pork & one or two visits to plain cafes (none worth writing about), only Dally So in Hongdae, however, can give me enough incentives to actually sit down & rave about it.

What do you see brothers & sisters? Pure perfection up there. Yup. 1.2kg of assorted beef (4 different kinds)? I say fuck yes bring it on.

Dally So offers you an extensive menu of protein: 61 menu stands for beef, 71 for pork, and 81 for chicken. There are a range of side dishes for order, and quite reasonably-priced lunch set. Located on Hongdae’s famous ‘meat street’, Dally So is unexpectedly popular with customers filling almost every table on a Saturday afternoon.

Apparently the Assorted beef (39000 for 1.2kg) & half Assorted (29000 for 600gr) are the most popular. They also offer Sirloin (20000/400gr), Ribs (20000/400gr), Outside skirt (26000/400gr) and Marbled beef (20000/400gr). Pork & chicken menus sound pretty uninspiring so I am not going to talk about it (passive-agressive behavior on my part, I know). The yukhoe (raw beef; 10000/100gr) is the highlight of the side menu. If you fancy mixing raw egg with raw beef and eating them raw, I’d say go ahead.

You will start eating from the thinly sliced beef side & finish it off with the enormous thick chunk on the other end. The increasing quality is quite obvious & you don’t need a sophisticated tongue to realize that. I, however, enjoyed the thin slices immensely; actually, I enjoyed everything. As a poor kid, I don’t get to eat beef often. 2 people gorging on 1.2kg of beef is too good to be true, thus I naturally salivated over everything.

These bad boys look so good I can’t stop staring. A bit fatty indeed, so we cut off the fat & enjoyed the meat itself. In fact, we used the fat to grill the garlic. Talking about improv here.


Make sure you keep your beef medium rare. So tender. So tender it hurts. The first 2 kinds of beef we ate them well-done, but then we saw sense & decided to go with ruby pink in the center. Best decision ever.
Yep, make ’em look like this.

All in all, amazingggg experience, and the price can’t be beat. Seriously, I don’t think we can find beef elsewhere in Seoul at such a great price. The only downside is that we each have to pay 2000 for the banchan (side dishes) which we didn’t even eat. Pfff. Okay we ate a lottt of garlic, maybe 4000 extra for garlic is worth it, idk. The rest of the banchan I didn’t even try because I didn’t want them to meddle with the taste of my sweet beef.

Dally So, Hongdae station exit 9


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