this user is dead

i knew this moment would come.

as you guys have noticed, photos do not show on my blog anymore. i usually copy photo links from facebook. it worked well for years, and now it stops showing. good photos = the soul of my blog. now that the soul is gone, i’m disheartened.

Han is back to Vietnam. I am busy trying to live a frugal life for future travel plans + writing a decent thesis. the conclusion is sadly inevitable and inevitably sad, i don’t think i can continue with this blog.

sad indeed, this is my last semester in korea, and i won’t be able to do what i always loved to do.

thank you all for checking this blog out, for even considering this as THE place to read up about Seoul foods as some told me. that is seriously touching, and i am incredibly sad to not be able to keep up with your expectations.


9 thoughts on “this user is dead

  1. I stumbled upon your blog not too long before your last vacation. Thank you for having taken the time to put down your thoughts and observations, really. They were funny, enigmatic, poignant, and I humbly submit: much appreciated by myself. As a fellow traveller, I very much understand that as with most grand adventures, they must end; otherwise, they wouldn’t bea grand adventure ? Good travels to you.

  2. I hope your thesis went well! i want to say a BIG thank you, went to the places you recommended and loved them all!! Love your writing and honest opinion. Hope to see you posting again someday. :)

  3. i go those places that you recommended and it was nice!! it’s kind of sad that you won’t be continuing your blog :( i gonna miss all your lovely travel and food pictures. btw, will you close down your blog or will i be able to surf or read it in the future?

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