[eat] 1.2kg of beef at Dally So @ Hongdae, Seoul. Need I say more?

It has been a what-the-fuck month for me, thus explains my M.I.A. Nowadays I mostly stay put in my cozy room & ponder over life & death, while eating cheap gross food because I honestly stop giving a fuck about my once passion in life, eating good food. When I stop giving a fuck about food, it means I am in a serious shitstorm.

Anyhow, things have been picking up, slowly but steadily recently. And I attribute such progress with my thrilling experience with 1.2kg of beef last week. Ugh. So good. To be fair, I have eaten out a bit past month, but it’s mainly uninspiring chicken & pork & one or two visits to plain cafes (none worth writing about), only Dally So in Hongdae, however, can give me enough incentives to actually sit down & rave about it.

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[eat] Seriously delicious: Korean BBQ at 자연담은화로 (Jayeon Dameun Hwaro) @ Sinchon, Seoul

I have been in a state of perpetual hunger & poverty lately. I kid you not, what I have been eating as of recently mainly consist of tofu soup & more tofu soup. Although tofu is rich in protein, I still find my diet seriously in need of more of those organic compounds in their purer, better form (read: meat). So what do you do when you want meat but you have liquidity problem? Stick with (generous) friends, of course. I consider myself a lone wolf, but when my appetite calls, I suddenly become the richest man in the world surrounded by altruistic, big-hearted, noble and charitable souls.

Okay, long story short: I just had a terrific Korean BBQ meal for free. Guys, if you are reading this post: I am very grateful. My gratitude, though, does not necessarily compel me to treat you folks better.

Now let’s move on to the review.

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[eat] Korean BBQ at 고기창고 (Gogi Changgo) @ Sinchon, Seoul

Hi, okay, I am back, I guess. Where have I been? Tanzania & Kenya, then back to Korea after a 30-hour flight (layover time included) amid the Ebola outbreak -.- Good thing is that I have now settled in at Yonsei dorm, bad thing is that I am just back from a 5 day trip to Cebu where, conveniently enough, a tropical storm hit the country and my plan to see things was wrecked. I love my life. The cherry on top is that my plane touched down in Korealand at 1am and I am now waiting for the first limousine bus back to my dorm which will depart at 5:30am. No I am not complaining I am just ranting.

Sarcasm aside, I am back, guys. I am in a shitty mood (those who follow my facebook will understand why), but I am also professional. I simply cannot let my mood defeat my purpose in life, i.e. eating good food & blogging about it.

That said, what is better to mark my comeback with a review of Korean BBQ?

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[eat] Korean BBQ at 화통 (Hoatong) @ Anam, Seoul

Wow it’s been a really long time since I last wrote a food review. Even more so since I had a proper Korean BBQ meal. Feeling absolutely desperate for some nicely grilled marinated meat, last week I literally had to drag my friend to a BBQ restaurant that I’d been dying to try out for weeks.

화통 (Hoatong) is a newly opened BBQ restaurant in Anam that has quickly gained popularity due to their fantastic menu relatively different from that of other BBQ restaurants. Even if opening 화통 meant Alice’s Table (one of my favourite cafes in Anam which I almost did a write up but kept procrastinating) had to shut down, the sacrifice was worth it.

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[misc] Goodbye Korea~~~~~

*Words by LaCrymaMosa; photos by Han K Ngo & LaCrymaMosa*

Greetings from Helsinki Airport -v- I am waiting for my second and last flight today to Amsterdam. Yep, I am going to spend 10 months in The Netherlands, starting from today ;A;

My last day in Korea was, uh, uneventful, I guess? Han accompanied me for the whole day so thanks a bunch bro. We went to 서울쌈냉면 for a bowl of icy noodles before heading to the nearby Cafe Labri to avoid the sun. As if lazying around for ~2 hours in a cafe was not enough, we went back to her room and debated for 4 hours as to where we could most meaningfully spend my last hours in Seoul.

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[eat] Fresh beef ribs at 형제갈비 @ Sinchon, Seoul

’nuff said.

Okay it’s not that drastic; actually recently I have been to 산적 in Anam quite frequently for my BBQ fix. In fact, I have decided that I will never not go to BBQ buffet anymore for a while, because I am sick and tired of its monotone selection of meat.
Yesterday, however, in the honor of being a winner in a school contest, and, obviously, at the expense of the school’s money, I had the chance of a lifetime to try some expensive beef at 형제갈비 (Hyungje Galbi) in Sinchon. I was, of course, ecstatic. For a third-world country girl who parasitizes on the parents’ & the bf’s compassion-based scholarships, spending 28000 KRW for 280gr of beef is beyond her wildest dream.

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[travel] Jeju trip (day 1): First impression & Jeju black pork

Guys, I am enjoying my life on Jeju island with my dearest boyfriend xD It is a 4 day trip and I will try to update my experiences on this gorgeous island as quickly as possible. I arrived in Jeju yesterday via Korean Air, the flight took exactly one hour (3:20 -> 4:20pm) and was very smooth. Perhaps like many first-time visitors to Jeju, I also thought that the island was SMALL and bravely booked a hotel located on the East coast of the island. Turned out that our Feliz Town Hotel was 50km from the airport (took us 40000 KRW to get here). But I have no regret at all. At like 40000 KRW per night, our hotel room is exceeding our every expectation. It is super big, clean, and very, very quiet :O The best thing is that it is near some destinations I really want to visit: Udo island, Jeju Olle Trai route 1, Seopjikoji, and Seongsan Ilchulbong (Sunrise Peak). Most tourists and friends told me that they either stayed in Jeju city (near airport) or Seowipo city (near Jungmun Daepo coast & Jungmun resort), but for us–the antisocial couple–staying in this rural, rustic, and quiet side of the island is ideal.

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