[eat] Bulgarian fare at Zelen @ Itaewon, Seoul

Some time one year ago, I went to Zelen to celebrate the birthday boy’s birthday. I know, I should have written about it earlier, but better late than never. So bear in mind that this review is for Zelen 1 year ago. I believe that nothing has changed much anyway. Zelen, as usual, must be thriving.
Soooooo Zelen is a super popular Balkan restaurant located in Itaewon and the other branch in Hannam-dong. I have just been to the one in Itaewon and the place was absolutely lovely. There were so many culinary options that it took us like 2163382832 minutes to figure out what we wanted. For appetizer, I went with my gut feelings that Stuffed tomatoes would look good in photo (excuse my shallowness) and here it came:

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