[eat] Gastronomic bliss at Wolfhound @ Itaewon, Seoul

I’ve just realised it’s been more than three weeks since I last updated. I’d blame life, if everyone didn’t already know my severe lack of consistency on anything that requires more than 15 minutes of concentration. That’s not the point however. The point is, right now as I’m wrapped up in piles of blankets like a giant burrito and binge watching Skins, all I want is some nice comfort food followed by maybe 2 tubes of ice cream and a good night sleep. Luckily my partner who’s now at Wolfhound chilling has promised to bring home just what I want. So until I get my fish and chips, I could pause my weekend marathon and use some time to review Wolfhound.

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[eat] Indulge yourself at Burger B @ Hongdae, Seoul

As I took a look at my food photos, it occurred to me that it’s been exactly one year since I first visited Burger B. From that day until now, Burger B has always been my no.1 place to eat out in Hongdae. Though my heart definitely beats faster when I see Jacoby’s Burger, Burger B proudly holds the second spot of best burgers in Korea for me.

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[eat] Fish and chips at Battered Sole @ Sinchon, Seoul

Yesterday I went out with The Face of my blog and his French friend to check out the relatively new Fish and Chips restaurant near Yonsei campus: Battered sole. It was seriously the best fish n chips I had ever had. I confess that I am not the biggest fan of this British delicacy because, as I solemnly stated before, I am quite sensitive to grease, yet I can easily tell why my two companions waxed lyrical about what Battered Sole offered. The portion was huge. The mushy peas and tartar sauce were great. The moist and succulent fish was wrapped in crispy golden batter, accompanied by a hefty pile of tastiest chips. Although I couldn’t finish the whole portion because the batter was quite greasy, it was a great meal.

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