[eat] Shabu shabu at 뽕잎사랑 @ Sinchon, Seoul

I love the idea of hotpot: a big pot of boiling broth, a pile of veggies, and a heap of meat–what is there to not like? In Sinchon, there is one Chinese restaurant (authentically Chinese, as most staff there refuse to speak Korean lol) where they serve awesome hotpot at quite a steep price. I cannot afford to go to such places all the time so looking for a substitute is a must. Thanks to Korean food blogs, I came across this often mentioned name 뽕잎사랑 (Ppoingip Sarang)–a shabu shabu restaurant. Although I believe that the ultimate beauty of hot pot can only be found in the Chinese version, for the time being, shabu shabu is not too bad a choice. Plus the price is also a bonus. That’s why yesterday my friend and I dropped into 뽕잎사랑 for dinner.

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