[eat] Shabu-shabu at 등촌 샤부 칼국수 @ Anam, Seoul

A review I have been procrastinating on >.> 2 days before I left for my trip to Japan, Han took me to her favorite shabu shabu restaurant in Seoul, 등촌 샤부 칼국수 (Deungchon Shabu Kalguksu). As the name indicates, the place specializes in shabu-shabu & kalguksu. As I confided some time before, I am not a fan of shabu-shabu, as this stuff tastes a bit too bland for my taste, but what I had at 등촌 샤부 칼국수 was quite solid and should definitely be a place to visit if you are in the mood for some affordable yet tasty shabu-shabu in Seoul.

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[eat] Bibim naengmyeon & Mul naengmyeon at 서울쌈냉면 @ Anam, Seoul

Lol the weather in Seoul has been such a major bitch -.-‘ Even on my last day in Korea (today!), the sun is still scorching hot and hot wind is still viciously blowing >.> What is the right remedy for this puta of a weather when you are in the midsts of Seoul? Of course we can always imagine being at the beach, on a mountain, or in the middle of the winter in Siberia. Or eat a bowl of naengmyeon.

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[eat] Brothless noodles? Pho cuon & more at Hương Mai @ Hanoi, Vietnam

I can find most of my favorite Northern Vietnam’s foods around my house, but there is one thing (actually, a few things belonging to the same clan) that I have to travel all the way to central Hanoi to get find an authentic version. I’m talking about Phở. Nopeeee, not the bowl of noodles submerged in broth, but its brothless counterparts: Phở cuốn, Phở chiên phồng, and Phở trộn. At the arguably most famous restaurant in Hanoi offering these specialties, the ever-packed Hương Mai, I had the chance to share some most delectable noodle dishes with my friends and the bf >v<

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[eat] Kalguksu at 부부손칼국수 @ Anam, Seoul

LaCrymaMosa: Guys, this is my friend aka my contributor’s first post xD Yes, I am leaving Korea for a year, but this blog will still remain a Seoul (and other cities) food blog.

Kalguksu is a Korean dish consisting of handmade, knife-cut wheat flour noodles served in a large bowl with broth and other ingredients.

While I am a big fan of the dish, it is hard to find a good kalguksu place that suits my taste. Either the broth is too bland or the noodles are often overcooked. The last time I had a perfect bowl of kalguksu was almost a year ago, and it wasn’t even in Seoul. Last weekend, in a desperate search to quench my kalguksu thirst, I finally found the place.

We ordered two 바지락손칼국수 (Clam kalguksu) and one 들깨손칼국수 (Perilla seed kalguksu).

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[eat] Fresh beef ribs at 형제갈비 @ Sinchon, Seoul

’nuff said.

Okay it’s not that drastic; actually recently I have been to 산적 in Anam quite frequently for my BBQ fix. In fact, I have decided that I will never not go to BBQ buffet anymore for a while, because I am sick and tired of its monotone selection of meat.
Yesterday, however, in the honor of being a winner in a school contest, and, obviously, at the expense of the school’s money, I had the chance of a lifetime to try some expensive beef at 형제갈비 (Hyungje Galbi) in Sinchon. I was, of course, ecstatic. For a third-world country girl who parasitizes on the parents’ & the bf’s compassion-based scholarships, spending 28000 KRW for 280gr of beef is beyond her wildest dream.

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[travel] Jeju trip (day 4): Cheonjiyeon water fall, Black pork, Seafood noodles and lots of donuts

After 2 hectic days of lots of sightseeing and walking, we decided to take it easy on our last full day in Jeju. We decided to explore Seogwipo city (on the southern coast of Jeju) because I wanted to see the majestic Jungmun Daepo Coast Jusangjeolli Cliff. Sadly, it was raining the whole time so all my ambitions mostly evaporated when we got to Seogwipo city (for your information, it was a 70 minute bus ride from Seongsan Gymnasium bus stop to the old Seogwipo intercity bus stop and cost us 3000 KRW each). Upon seeing the magical Dunkin’ Donuts across the street from the bus terminal, the bf and I swiftly changed our plan of the day into chilling at D2 instead of checking out Jungmun Daepo Coast. After stuffing ourselves with donuts AND Jeju black pork AND naengmyeon, I thought that we should at least check out the nearby Cheonjiyeon water fall, because, after all, it felt absurd to ride the bus for more than one hour to Seogwipo city just to eat donuts and black pork.

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[eat] Delicious naengmyeon (cold noodle) with meat at 고쌈냉면 @ Edae, Seoul

Whenever I ask my Korean or non-Korean friends what they think about naengmyeon (cold noodles), they say: it’s okay. Some even go as far as solemnly warn me: don’t try it.
It’s ok? Not so enthusiastic isn’t it? I have been veryyyyyy curious about naengmyeon, but I never wanted to try it :\ I mean, cold noodles? Aren’t noodles supposed to be hot? For a gal coming from a country where people eat (hot) noodle in all forms and all the time, cold noodle is a totally bizarre concept. And those who have tried naengmyeon all told me tha there is just nothing special about the dish. So it is noodle, and it is cold. And that’s it.

I am a very emotional, subjective, and biased person. When I have made up my mind that I don’t like something, I rarely change my decision. I pretty much decided that I wouldn’t try naengmyeon because I didn’t like it (lol), until today. For lunch today I walked to Edae to try a really cool looking hot-chicken tonkkatsu place, but it was not open. After walking around with my belly yelling for food, I stumbled upon a Naengmyeon-with-meat restaurant. It was only 5500 KRW for a bowl of naengmyeong with grilled pork, so I was like, ok I’m gonna try, even if the noodle sucks I can still eat the meat…

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[eat] Homey, cozy dinner at Saint’s Alp Teahouse @ Taiwai, Hong Kong

First off, Saint’s Alp Teahouse (http://www.saintsalp.com.hk) has different branches in Hong Kong — and it looks like at least the Philippines and the US have Saint’s Alp. This is the review for Saint’s Alp in Taiwai.

Initially we wanted to go to Shatin Inn for some Indonesian satays but the place CHOSE to be closed today :\ We took a lazy stroll along a foodie street in Taiwai and came across this teahouse. The menu outside looked quite cool, we usually don’t randomly pop in a restaurant (we have to do a research before trying lol) but well…

Fortunately we were not disappointed…

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[eat] Rice noodle & egg coffee for breakfast @ Hanoi, Vietnam

My first post about Vietnam.  Now that I only spend very little time in Hanoi during winter or summer break, I can’t check out all the awesome foods in every corner of Hanoi, but there are 2 places I always try to visit every time I am there.  I especially like Hanoi in the morning (before 7am) with its calm and somehow poetic atmosphere.  And of course, nothing is better than stuffing your face.

If you happen to stay around the Old Quarter in Hanoi (which you will), you know where Hoan Kiem Lake is. After taking a lazy stroll around the lake , you might as well want something for breakfast. I know, Pho is ubiquitous and some Pho places in the lake’s vicinity are recommended in all the guidebooks, but how about trying something different? My pick is Bun Thang (some kind of rice noodle) at 31 Cau Go.

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