[travel] The colorful village of Cassis

After the hike of our life (well…) in Calanque de Port Miou, we ventured back into the village to catch our bus back to Marseille. Little did I know that Cassis’ beauty would again strike me with awe, as we happily spent 3+ hours wandering in the tiny village, marveled at colorful houses and basked in the glorious sunset

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[travel] Hiking Calanque de Port Miou in Cassis, France

As my long-time readers probably know, I truly enjoy hiking. The last time I did it was in Jeju with the bf and boy do I miss it. Convinced that no trip is complete without some good hiking, on our second day in Marseille, we hopped on the bus to Cassis–a picturesque community east of Marseille. It is famous for its incredible cliffs and sheltered inlets called calanques. The village is also a gem in itself, with colorful houses and cobbled streets.

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