[eat] Eat my way out in Central: Burgers at Shake ‘Em Buns & Jianbing @ Mr.Bing & Bubble tea @ Gong Cha

I don’t usually make the trek to Hong Kong Island, but when I do, it is for food >v< Today, the bf took me to a hip, sassy, burger joint in Central, Shake ‘Em Buns for lunch, followed by jianbing at the new buzz in town Mr.Bing. As I happily discovered a few days ago that Gong Cha, a celebrated bubble tea chain which has the best bubble tea in the world, sells their drinks in Hong Kong at such low prices (in fact, about half the price in Korea), I have been tanking myself up with a huge cup of Gong Cha every day. Of course, today was no exception.

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