[eat] Nasi lemak at Sister’s Kitchen & Take away sushi @ Diamond Hill, Hong Kong

Did I tell everyone that at almost every subway station in Hong Kong there is a (or more than one) huge mall? Yeah, I did. But I have never divulged the name of my favorite stop, yet. Yessssss, the stop’s name is Diamond Hill; and the reason for it being my fav’ babe is, of course, the food I can find there. In case you didn’t know, Diamond Hill is the very station you need to get off at for the gorgeous Nan Lian Garden & Chi Lin Nunnery, but I have found myself at Diamond Hill more than 3 times, and my every visit there is not complete without eating Malaysian food at the mall right outside exit C of the station, Plaza Hollywood, and buying one (or two) box of takeaway sushi at the tiny Sushi take out stall inside Diamond Hill Station.

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[travel] Nan Lian Garden – my absolute favorite place in Hong Kong

I just realize that I have been posting too much food here, and it’s been quite Seoul-centric. My day started so hectic and I am in a very bad mood. How I wish I were at a meditative, pretty place to calm myself down, which brings me to a photo-spam post of Nan Lian Garden in Hong Kong. It is a gem in the city. You just can’t believe that you are in the middle of one of the busiest cities in the world once you step inside the stunning garden (for your record, next to the garden is Plaza Hollywood — as huge as its many counterparts Hong Kong). Across the street from the garden is Chi Lin Nunnery — another gem but I will write about it in my upcoming post about Temples in Hong Kong.

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