[cafe] Korean traditional tea at 수요일 @ Insadong, Seoul

As much as I am a big fan of tea, Korean traditional tea had never really been on my must-try or favorite list. For sure I had tried few times before, but more often than not I’d  found Korean tea rather bland and not exactly…tea. Unlike the usual tea made from leaves, in Korea they also make tea from wheat, dry seeds and various fruit herbs which until now, still sounds incredibly weird to me because those kinds of tea don’t have the distinctive flavors we find in this classic drink. Nevertheless the trip I made to Insadong a while ago definitely stirred something different in me and gave me a more positive viewpoint about Korean traditional tea.

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[eat] Pretty but mediocre: burgers at Farmer’s Barn @ Insa-dong, Seoul

My recent burger find somehow made me reflect upon all my burger experiences in Korea. Good memories are many, and bad ones aplenty. The super pretty burgers at Farmer’s Barn, sadly, belong to the second category. My main concern with Farmer’s Barn’s fare was the prices. The burgers themselves were not incredibly bad, but for the prices I expected a lot more. For ~15000 KRW a burger and up, you should at least get something that would fill half of your stomach, right? Too bad I didn’t even have 1/5 of my stomach fulfilled here.

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