[travel] Nothing more Dutch than this: 19 windmills from the 18th century @ Kinderdijk, The Netherlands

I randomly came across Kinderdijk–the UNESCO World Heritage windmill network–when searching for a quick weekend getaway from Utrecht. The place seemed to have everything I was looking for: 1. rural beauty, 2. windmills (I have lived in NL ~2 months but have seen only one windmill), 3. convenient location (as in I can take a direct bus from Utrecht Centraal). Though I spent >3 hours in total on bus #90 to get to Kinderkijk and back to Utrecht, I only stayed at Kinderdijk for less than 2 hours. I was in no rush, mind you. I was prepared to spend the whole day there… But it was only a huge field with windmills, streams, bushes, cows, healthy people engaging in all kinds of exercise, and tourists. I left Utrecht at 8:30am and came back at 1pm, thus if you are pressed for time yet still wanna take home some cool photos, Kinderdijk is ideal for a half-day trip from Utrecht.

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