[travel] Oh Kyoto~ Our trip to Kyoto (day 3)

Our 3rd day in Kyoto was a last-minute decision. Originally we wanted to spend 2 days in Kyoto, one day in Nara, and 1.5 day in Osaka, but as we both fell so much in love with Kyoto, we decided to save Nara for our future trip and explore more of Kyoto. Our 3rd day there was also our most exhausting day -.-‘ All of a sudden, the sky was clear and the sun was shining, the heat replaced the torrents of that had prevailed the day before. I can walk miles and miles in favorable weather, but even a tiny bit of sunlight can irritate me (as the BF can attest from last year’s trip to KL!), so imagine how a long walk (9am -> 6pm) under the scorching sun indeed drained the life and death out of me -.- I believe that the friend felt the same, because we looked dehydrated, sunburnt, enervated, whipped – basically like walking corpses by the time we managed to drag ourselves back to our hostel. Nevertheless, it was a great day. Kyoto’s beauty never disappoints.

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[travel] Oh Kyoto~ Our trip to Kyoto (day 2)

Okay soooo this is a picture-heavy post of our second day in Kyoto. It was a walking intensive day, but we got to see tons and tons and tons of amazing, gorgeous, fabulous, spectacular, magnificent places in Arashiyama–a district to the West of Kyoto-shi famous for its numerous places of interest. Everywhere we went I could take thousands of pictures, everywhere I went I just wanted to kiss the ground and cry my eyes out at how incredibly beautiful Kyoto is.

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[travel] Oh Kyoto~ Our trip to Kyoto (day 1)

Just finished my second day in this wonderfully fascinating city and I have loved every second of being here. I am dead tired from all the intense walking during the whole day (6am -> 7pm) so this is a quick post of what happened yesterday–my first day in Kyoto. We took a 9-hour bus ride from Tokyo and arrived at Kyoto at in the morning (my friend’s friend booked the tickets so I have no idea about the details though). After the initial bafflement at the sheer size of the station, the friend figured out that we should buy a Kyoto 1 day pass which allows us unlimited use of Kyoto busses for the day (500 yen). From the station, we took a bus to our hostel Mundo Chiquito–one of the best and prettiest hostels I have ever been to. If you go to Kyoto on a budget, THIS is the place to stay. It is also 3 minutes from Nijo Castle–our first destination.

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