[travel] Now that’s a huge Buddha: Tian Tan Buddha @ Ngong Ping, Hong Kong

Finally, after ~1 month staying in Hong Kong, I did something every tourist in Hong Kong should/must/feels inclined to do: checking out the big Buddha at Ngong Ping village. I never put trust in overpopular places, and the mere thought of having to queue to get in the cable car, of taking photos full of other people’s ass just puts me off. But hey, I mean, I should do it, right? You know, it just feels weird if I don’t.

Well, there was a Buddha, that’s pretty much about it. Fortunately I didn’t put my hope high so I wasn’t terribly let down. The nicest part was riding the EMPTY cable car back, though. Cable car, which is the most popular means of transport to Ngong Ping (other options available are ferry and bus) operates from 10am to 6pm. My friend and I started queuing at 9:55am and it took us 25 minutes to be seated with other 6 people on a standard cable car. We chose standard cabin, “crystal” cabin is actually a cable car with see-through deck. No thank you. 135 HKD for a roundtrip ticket per adult.
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