[leisure] High tea at The Lounge & Bar @ The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong

Afternoon tea‘ (or often referred to as ‘high tea’) is one of the IT activities in Hong Kong. This English tradition has been warmly welcomed by the locals, perfected over time by hoteliers, and eagerly embraced by visitors. Chances are, if you flip through a travel guide book, high tea at Hong Kong’s oldest hotel, the iconic Peninsula is listed as the #1 place for high tea. After coming across many a less than spectacular reviews of the Peninsula’s High Tea, I decided that we would skip the iconic and head straight to The Lounge & Bar at The Ritz-Carlton–an immaculately stylish lounge proudly located on the 102nd floor of Hong Kong’s tallest building, the International Commerce Centre. The hotel offers two choices for high tea, the traditional one at The Lounge & Bar, and the signature chocolate afternoon tea at Café 103 on the 103th floor. Despite the price tag, the sheer location of the place, promising an impeccable view of Hong Kong, already had me hysteric.

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[eat] South Indian fare at Woodlands @ Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

I have a huge obsession: Dosa. I am crazy about it, no joke. Malaysia was an amazing place to me, 40% was because of Dosa, 40% Nasi Lemak, and 20% everything. When I was promised that I would have Dosa in Hong Kong, I was ecstatic. And yes, I did get lots of huge, crispy, why-so-delicious dosas at Woodlands Vegetarian restaurant in Hong Kong. Why the numerous Indian restaurants here in Korea cannot make a single dosa????

Just look at how thin and huge it is. Don’t you just love dosa?
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[eat] Extraordinary Peking duck at Spring Deer @ Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

I have never tried Peking duck before, and luckily my first time trying this Chinese national dish was extraordinary. Spring Deer restaurant is a super popular Chinese restaurant with hungry eaters crowding the place every night which makes reservation is a must. From what I know, besides Peking duck, the restaurant also has other excellent dishes, which is understandable because the duck they served us was simply amazing.

The price is not dirt cheap, but reasonable (300 HKD for a duck; 5HKD for peanuts as appetizer (is it even appetizer but whatever) and 10 HKD for a teapot for 2; 10% VAT is charged). It took a while for the duck to be roasted but we didn’t wait for nothing. They carved the duck in front of us:

And two plates of meat were ready:

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