[travel] Can Venice be cheap?

The short answer is, yes.
As you might have read my declaration of love for Venice here, you can only imagine how sad I was to read indonesia in my pocket‘s very different view on Venice (ok it is not that I was sad sad but I like to exaggerate things). I understand her frustration, though. 5 euro for a scoop of gelato is a crime against humanity. Had I encountered such ridiculous price tag/cost of staying in Venice like her, I don’t think I could have written such a loving post about Venice.

Luckily for me, however, my short holiday was very affordable and pleasant for such a popular city.
And here is how.

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[travel] 1 week in Italy: Lost in Venice

Venice, Venice. How many cities/towns out there have claimed to be a second Venice? After all, people often liken some Dutch cities like Amsterdam, Giethoorn or Delft, and Bruges in Belgium as Northern Venice. I find all those ‘watery’ places very, very charming, but really, nowhere can be comparable to the ‘Southern’ Venice. The real Venice. The Italian Venice. The most romantic, melancholic, beautiful city I have ever visited.

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