[eat] Budae jjigae at 공룡 부대찌개 @ Yonhui-dong, Korea

As I confided some time ago, I usually try to avoid writing reviews about bad places. I mean, I should take it like a man and move on, shouldn’t I? Usually I move on, but this, this horrendous experience eating budae jjigae has been indelibly and forever etched in my mind as not only one of Korea’s, but also the universe’s, worst foods.

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[cafe] Sesame patbingsu and more at Cafe 129-11 @ Yonhui-dong, Seoul

Just when I found a perfect cafe for me to chill/study for the rest of my time here in Korea, the semester ended and I will soon be on the (red, cramped, failed AirAsia) plane to Tokyo >.> After staying in Japan for 1 week, I head to Hong Kong, then Vietnam, then the Netherlands for one year. That said, I don’t have much time left in Korea, but worry not, because my friends, who have been going out with me and are all too familiar with my blog affair, will continue to eat out and contribute to this blog. I, of course, will certainly update with all the good and bad eats in Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Europe.

Anyway back to the cafe story. The name is 129-11, Cafe 129-11. Weird name, but the place is absolutely pretty and some foods on offer are quite great.

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