[cafe] Afternoon tea at Bloom and Goûté Café @ Garosugil, Apgujeong

Sunday means nice brunch and long conversation over a cup of tea/coffee/anything you want really. Sunday also means spending a little more frivolously and indulging ourselves some extra sweet we’ve been craving all week. In short Sunday is a perfect day for afternoon tea. That said, never in my two years of living in Korea had I actively searched for a place serving high tea (the last time I read a high tea review in Seoul was at least 6 months ago) nor bumped into a cafe that actually offers the service. That is, until last week when I stumbled upon Bloom and Goûté – a pretty flower cafe that looked too good on the outside to pass by.

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[eat] Best brunch I’ve ever had in Seoul: London Tea @ Apgujeong, Seoul

If I had a wish list of where I want to go before I leave Korea, London Tea must have been there a long long time ago, right on the top of the list. For a person who’d never stepped a foot through London Tea’s door, I sure knew a lot about the place. I knew it’s a pretty popular brunch house, it’s too tiny to be a restaurant, it definitely serves tea because half its name contains the word and most importantly nobody goes home disappointed with their decision of visiting there.  Therefore I decided that it was high time I stopped procrastinating and checked the place out. London Tea, however, went beyond my expectation and it has so far given me the most pleasant experience of eating out in Korea.

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[cafe] Breakfast and waffle at Du sel brillant Flower café @ Apjujeong, Seoul

First of all I am terribly sorry about the lack of consistency and productivity. School work has been a pain in the butt and I’m also on a strict diet thus the disappearance. For the time being I will not be able to visit any restaurant for I really need to get fit before winter comes. But you know my cafe quest is unstoppable. Too many cafes yet too little time to discover.

Both of us bloggers (and also a friend of us who was Lacrymamosa’s lowcarb buddy) have an obsessive compulsive love for flowers. That’s why when I first saw Du sel brillant I was immediately enthralled just at the very first glance at the cafe’s porch as there were many little flower pots hung on the balcony. Until now I still believe Vert et blanc deserves the title of the best cafe in Seoul for its bright atmosphere, the delicate furniture arrangement and the flowers. Du sel brillant, however, comes in second for many reasons.

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[eat] Brunch at Butterfinger Pancakes @ Apgujeong, Seoul

Just when I thought that my Gangnam food-quest would temporarily stop at The fish roe soup, it actually had just begun. Being constantly tired from working in the suffocating and excruciating heat of Seoul made me crave a nice brunch shared with a buddy in a nicely air-conditioned place. Hastily finished my work like a good white-collar slave, I immediately hopped on the train to Apgujeong for some gastronomic self-pappering.

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[eat] Strictly for the anorexic: Jane’s Picky Pizza @ Apgujeong, Seoul

Okay maybe the title sounds a bit mean, but I’m not going to change it. I think I have found the perfect diet for people who wanna look like many exceptionally skinny girls in Korea, and especially in Gangnam: head to Jane’s Picky Pizza (JPP)–where you can eat like 10 Jane-sized pizzas at a time without getting any fatter.

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[cafe] Unwinding at Cafe Oui @ Apgujeong, Seoul

Garosu-gil–the famous shopping/dining street in Gangnam, Seoul is notorious for its uber cute and extra girly coffee shops. Nestled in a modest corner of this busy street is one of the cutest cafes I have ever been to: Cafe Oui. While their fare is nothing too fancy or imaginative, it is the interior and the space that make Cafe Oui stand out, and thus attract a huge crowd of sophisticated (?) trendy Seoulites.

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