[eat] Another(!) BBQ buffet: Self Bar @ Hongdae, Seoul

Another BBQ buffet? Yeah I know I know, I’m tired of writing about BBQ buffet too ~.~ but it is my aim to try all BBQ buffets before I leave Korea. Yesterday the lowcarb buddy and I went to Self Bar http://selfbar.kr for lunch. We were not expecting any wow factor, and we indeed were not wow-ed. Self Bar is just another BBQ buffet, an addition to Hongdae’s Meat-ing, Chakhan pig, and Mammoth Grill house. Of the four, none can beat Mammoth in terms of meat quality; the rest offer very similar choices of meat. I would, however, pick Chakhan Pig over Meat-ing or Self Bar because they have fried chicken.

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[eat] Sushi buffet at 스시끼리 @ Sinchon, Seoul

Who doesn’t l-o-v-e sushi? xD Too bad that Japanese delicacy is usually quite expensive no matter where you live. I feel blessed, no joke, because I live in Sinchon where there are like 5-6 sushi buffet restaurants around. Sushi buffet–such a beautiful concept. The problem is because there are 5-6 places to choose from with prices ranging from 9900 -> 11900 KRW, it took me awhile to figure out which one is the best value. Finally I came up with 스시끼리 (Sushi kkiri) and what we had there was indeed satisfying.

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[eat] Checking out the newly opened Chakhan Pig @ Sinchon, Seoul

Chakhan Pig’s newly opened branch in Sinchon is a welcome addition to the vibrant Sinchon BBQ Life. Though I am not a fan of this chain–my visit to Chakhan Pig in Hongdae was mediocre at best–an BBQ buffet for around 10000 KRW can be a great option if you are in the mood for something meaty and not necessarily gourmet. Yesterday, to celebrate my losing some fat after dieting for 7 weeks, the lowcarb buddy and I decided to continue our lowcarb ritual by checking out the brand new Chakhan Pig in Sinchon.

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[eat] Revisit Mammoth Grill house @ Sinchon, Seoul

Last last week I wrote about Mammoth Grill house at Sinchon and today I just visited the place for lunch again. Being Monday, there were SO few people there that we felt like we owned the place. The meat was still as good as ever so I don’t have much to add. We paid 10900 KRW per person because it is weekday lunch; bear in mind that 11900 is for dinner and/or weekend.

Not much to say, so here are some photos. I just enjoy taking and looking at meat photos SO much xD

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[eat] Yet an even better all you can eat BBQ: Mammoth Grill house @ Sinchon, Seoul

Excuse my craze over all-you-can-eat meat. I am on my low carb diet so meat is the only thing I can think of and dream about. I have written about two all-you-can-eat places: Meating–which I liked because it was a buffet, and Kind-hearted pig (wtf -.-) because it was better than Meating (mainly because it served fried chicken). Today I just “discovered” a new BBQ buffet in Sinchon (but it has branches everywhere too, including Hongdae) called Mammoth http://www.mammoth-grillhouse.com. And it is the first time that I have been impressed by the quality of the meat. They were seriously good, especially the beef selections.

The price for lunch is 10900 and dinner 11900. BUTTTTTT today was weekend so we had to pay dinner price for lunch x( Not that we mind though, the quality totally exceeded the 11900 KRW we paid.

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[eat] Another BBQ buffet restaurant: 착한돼지 @ Hongdae, Seoul

Is it possible to find a place better than Meat-ing? The answer is yes. I just found out today. It is 착한돼지 (Chakhan dwaeji, which is Kind-hearted pig; and the English name of the restaurant is Chakhan pig — go figure) http://www.chakhanpig.com near Sangsu station (accessible from Hongdae, Sangsu, and Hapjeong station).
Chakhan pig has the same price as Meat-ing (9900 lunch -> 5pm), 10900 after 5pm. But you have a much wider selection of meat. And they even have fried chicken. Can you believe it? FRIED CHICKEN AT AN ALL YOU CAN IT BBQ RESTAURANT. And the fried chicken was really good, very flavorful, tender, and a tad spicy. The meat there is pretty much like Meat-ing, but slightly better — mostly because I can tell the difference between the meat apart.

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[eat] Com Pho: All-you-can-eat Vietnamese summer rolls + BBQ @ Hongdae, Seoul

I am having a hard time tagging this post — Com Pho 컴포 (compho.kr) claims to serve Vietnamese food (Pho, summer rolls, spring rolls etc.) — but being a Vietnamese myself, what I had there was not Vietnamese food. Their fares are Koreanized Vietnamese food which are ubiquitous in Korea (Pho Mein, for example). I don’t love the food, but I think that for the price, it was quite decent. I mean, it is all you can eat — I will never pay 14000 KRW to eat some non-authentic summer rolls + 1 bowl of Pho (I am not even a fan of it) in Korea.

You can check out the menu here: http://compho.kr/menu/menu.asp — you don’t have to order the “Vegetarian spring rolls” set (which is a lie, because it is served with BBQ, quail eggs, and crab meat) — but it is the best item and best value.
Price range for two people: A course is the most expensive at 20000 KRW (including DIY summer rolls, Chadolbaekgi 차돌백이 (beef brisket for grilling), Buchaesal 부채살 (marinated steak), Usamgyeop 우삼겹 (thinly sliced beef)) — it’s all beef, thus the price. B course at 16000 KRW gives you a similar set as A course minus the Chadolbaekgi. At 14000 KRW, C course is all about pork as you get DIY summer rolls, samgyeopsal (pork belly) & moksal (neck meat). At the end of the meal, you are given a small bowl of Pho — the broth is quite tasty, but again, it is not real Pho. For one person only, you add 2000 KRW to each set.

The summer roll ingredients. Honestly, we don’t use any of these in Vietnam. My mother uses carrots to add color to the rolls, and I use bean sprouts if I want to make summer rolls outside Vietname, though. The plate looks great anyway.

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[eat] Cheapest BBQ you can find in Korea — Meat-ing @ Hongdae

Who doesn’t love BBQ?  Definitely not Korean people.  BBQ joints in Korea are ubiquitous — throw a stone and go pick it up, a BBQ joint in ahead of you.. Okay, maybe it is not THAT extreme, but very close.

But man, the meat is EXPENSIVE.  The lowest price for 150gr of pork is usually listed at 7000 KRW.  Seriously?  Some joints even go as far as 35000 KRW and more for beef.  I understand that there are different factors that make the price so ungodly high, but PLEASE, I am poor.

Fortunately, many meat lovers share my tragedy.  The Korean BBQ restaurants see the opportunity sparkling within a sea of poverty.  They start all-you-can-eat-bbq-joints.  How awesome is that?  Many places are, though, ragged, dirty, dark holes-in-the-wall.  But on the gloomy canvas of cheap BBQ eat, Meat-ing appears like a rainbow of unicorns and candy floss.

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