[eat] Dakgalbi & cheese? Oddly enough, it works at 고찌비 @ Sinchon, Seoul

I love dakgalbi. My first proper meal in Korea was dakgalbi; it is my ultimate comfort food and something I never get tired of. So, naturally, when I came across a place offering dakgalbi with cheese, I was almost ecstatic. I miss cheese, people. I am well aware that Korea is no Europe, and real cheese in Korea is almost as expensive as gold. Desperate time calls for desperate measures, meaning that when I am in dire need of cheese, that white, synthetic, plastic-kind-of-but-not-too-gross cheese is not too bad. Mind you, I say NO NEIN NEE 아니 to that yellow cheese pathetically sitting on top of those semi-hamburgers and sandwiches. The white cheese, however, I can deal with on a not so regular basis.

Strangely enough, cheese dakgalbi proved to be more than satisfying a feast. And I don’t think it was just because I was desperate.

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[eat] Delectable fried chicken at Chir Chir (치르치르) @ Hongdae, Seoul

When you go to Hongdae you can literally find a chicken hof every second minute of walking, be it on the main road or small alleys. However, the chance of finding a good one is one in a million. You will find either the restaurant is too noisy, the food is too bad, or the service is not up to your expectation what with the price that you have to pay. From the experiences that I’ve been through, I have promised myself not to randomly barge into any chicken restaurant without second thoughts and proper food researches anymore.

I was in Hongdae the other day, all exhausted and famished, to the point I could eat anything laid in front my eyes. However, being a responsible blogger as I was, I held my ground and decided to spend the leftover energy I didn’t know I had in me searching for a place for chicken because who doesn’t want chicken when hungry? My friend and I were torn between numerous options, all of which sounded equally appealing before we found Chir Chir (치르치르) and the rest became forgotten history.

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[eat] Chicken steak at Roscoco @ Hongdae, Seoul

It’s embarrassing to say this but the more I eat food the less I know about them. Just when I thought there was no way that any chicken dish cooked with any kind of method could wow me anymore this happened and had me seriously think about my attitude to chicken. I mean, chicken is healthy and delicious and all that jazz, but it doesn’t have this element of surprise because it seems I have eaten enough chicken in my life to have a reason not to be impressed by it. My my, I’m glad I went to Roscoco and had an eye-opening experience because that restaurant had one bucket of awesomeness that is chicken.

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[eat] Chicken rice at 漢年茶餐廳 & Fried chicken at Hot Star Chicken @ Tai Wai, Hong Kong

I love anything chicken, seriously. It is one life-long romance I have long fondly embracing and won’t likely let it go. How can I let it go, seriously, when I am basically surrounded by chicken all the time? Korea is the land of chicken; chicken is the cheapest meat you can find in a Korean supermarket. They elevate fried chicken to a whole new level, while at the same time come up with numerous ways to spice up a pollo. Now, even when I am in Hong Kong, my sleep at night is still haunted by the fabulous fried chicken at the nearby Hot Star Chicken (a Taiwanese snack shop & Deli with branches in Hong Kong). Worse still, I have officially been diagnosed with a new obsession: Salted chicken fried rice at 漢年茶餐廳 (Hong Lin Restaurant).

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[eat] Crispy fried birds at 닭잡는파로 @ Anam, Seoul

I am officially jealous of my lowcarb buddy: the food where she lives–Anam–is so much cheaper and, to some extent, better than that in Sinchon (where I reside). After trying Korean BBQ & Chinese lamb skewers for our meat rituals the past 2 weeks, this week I decided that I wanted some chicken. Anam is packed full of chicken joints, and amid this ocean of cooked bird joints, 닭잡는파로 (Dakjabneun Paro–http://www.paro.co.kr) has garnered my friend’s love for its taste and prices.

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[eat] A Chicken Chronicle, or How I Gorged Myself on Chicken in May

Let’s get it straight, I am a chicken addict. Last month I ate chicken so many times that I decided to postpone writing about every single occasion, and instead only wrote about the two times at the flippin’ good 오늘통닭 & the flipfloppin’ awesome 자연담은 치킨&호프. As for other occasions, those which gave me less of that starstruck, wide-eyed, fascination, are what I will compile in this post today.

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[eat] Whole fried chicken at 오늘통닭 @ Sinchon, Seoul

I have been eating too much chicken recently. Bad for the body :( But I mean, after all, I have been eating BAKED chicken only right? Even the chicken I ate yesterday at 오늘통닭 (Oneul Tongdak), albeit fried, had verrryyyyyyyyy thin coating. With that in mind, I ate half of the (deep fried chicken), deceiving myself that the pollo I was stuffing myself with was guilt-free. I couldn’t help myself. It was just TOO good.

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