[eat] Eating out in The Hague: Will’s Pancake House & The Cheesecake Company

The bf and I went to The Hague (Den Haag) last Saturday to visit the famed Escher Museum. Having to pay 20euro pp for a roundtrip ticket from Utrecht to The Hague, I wanted to see as much of The Hague as possible (the Peace Palace, for example). Too bad, the typical insane Dutch weather prevented us from even walking like a normal person. At least we managed to get to the museum alive, as well as got to try some yummy stuffs at the famous Will’s Pancake House and The Cheesecake Company.

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[eat] Coffee and bagel at Bagels & Beans @ Utrecht, the Netherlands

Every city in the Netherlands has a Bagels & Beans branch, but its quality is not at all compromised by its popularity. Bagels & Beans hit all the points I need in a cafe: wooden tables (I am a nutter for wooden tables, deal with it), flowers on each table (extremely important), bright interior (for photos), yummy BAGELS (who doesn’t love bagels?), and great coffee. In fact, the cappuccino I had there was the best I have ever had in the Netherlands. And my bf–a coffee connoisseur (at least compared to me)–only had compliments for Bagels & Beans’ coffee.

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[eat] Goulash with dumpling & Whole roasted pig knuckle in Prague

I took a lot of photos of Prague–the capital of the Czech Republic–during my one full day there. But while the scenery and architecture were mindblowing, the food was no less spectacular. In fact, this quick post is solely dedicated to what I ate and drank in Prague.

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[cafe] Breakfast and waffle at Du sel brillant Flower café @ Apjujeong, Seoul

First of all I am terribly sorry about the lack of consistency and productivity. School work has been a pain in the butt and I’m also on a strict diet thus the disappearance. For the time being I will not be able to visit any restaurant for I really need to get fit before winter comes. But you know my cafe quest is unstoppable. Too many cafes yet too little time to discover.

Both of us bloggers (and also a friend of us who was Lacrymamosa’s lowcarb buddy) have an obsessive compulsive love for flowers. That’s why when I first saw Du sel brillant I was immediately enthralled just at the very first glance at the cafe’s porch as there were many little flower pots hung on the balcony. Until now I still believe Vert et blanc deserves the title of the best cafe in Seoul for its bright atmosphere, the delicate furniture arrangement and the flowers. Du sel brillant, however, comes in second for many reasons.

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[eat] Pastries for life: reviews of Tastoe & Bond en Smolders @ Utrecht, the Netherlands

Just realized that I haven’t posted for a longggg while T-T So today is a combined post of two cafes in Utrecht for your delight. Both have awesummm pastries and both made my tummy very happy >v< This afternoon I went to Tastoe–a small cafe (like most cafes here) famous for its delish cheesecake. Any cafe with good cheesecake is a cafe worth going to, I tell you. Last week I randomly popped into Bond en Smolders because I couldn’t resist the sweets on display T-T Little did I know that it is also one of the most popular bakery cafes in Utrecht xD

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[cafe] Amazing carrot cake at Barbeton @ Utrecht, the Netherlands

Happy Birthday to me lol x( It is already September 7th in Vietnam & Korea, and thus I am officially 22. Here in Utrecht, though, I am still clinging onto the tail of the relentless flow of time ;~;
I honestly have no idea what I am going to to tomorrow for my birthday… Maybe go out again to eat and take pictures and upload on this blog. Lol I am 22 soon but still don’t have a life.

Enough ranting. Today I checked out Barbeton, a quite popular cafe in the center of the city, and fell head over heels for the place. If on the other day, at Il Pozzo, I got the luxury of sitting by the canal while chomping on some tiramisu, today I enjoyably spent my time sitting on the pavement, watching people, and, as always, pretending to study, with a yummy cake as an accompaniment.

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[cafe] Afternoon coffee by Utrecht Canal at Il Pozzo

Yes, finally, I have resumed my foodie’s life. After one hectic week of social activities and beginning-of-term shock (I’m still in shock actually, has the semester really started???), I am slowly going back to my normal life, that is, checking out as many restos & cafes/tea houses as possible.

If you happen to be in Utrecht, or in any Dutch city for that matter, the IT place is usually by the canal. Utrecht is no exception. Surrounding Utrecht’s Oudegracht (old canal) is a plethora of restaurants, cafes, antique shops, food trucks, and everything in between. If you follow my blog, you must have seen me enthusiastically upload trillions of photos of this ultra pretty canal already. Tired of admiring it from afar, today, I decided to sit down at Il Pozzo–an Italian restaurant famous for its prime location (right on the Oudegracht bank!)–for some afternoon coffee, accompanied by a tiramisu.

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