[travel] What is there in Cologne?

Apart from this?

After a stressful flight from Rome to Amsterdam, I got back to my room in Utrecht at 11:30pm on 17 January 2014. I rushed to do laundry, check emails, and do some very very last minute packing for yet another adventure the next day. Yes, I have to get up at 5am to catch my 6am train for Cologne. Guys, this is seriously strenuous alright. After 1 week of non-stop sightseeing in Italy, a flight + train ride + biking back, a few hours of doing laundry and waiting for my clothes to dry, I have 3 hours of sleep before getting back to the road.

Given my fragile state on that day, it is no surprise that I did not enjoy Cologne very much.

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[travel] Wonderful winter scenery at Chuncheon, Korea

It’s 5 hours to the 3rd of January 2014 and I still think it’s 2012. Time is strange. To anyone who’s reading this post I hope you’ve had a great NYE.

Remember the time when I wrote an ~article worth~ post about spending a marvelous autumn day at Nami Island and asked you to check out Chuncheon’s signature dishes for we couldn’t afford a proper meal due to our state of forever living on a tight budget? Well this time I’ve finally had my dream come true trying them myself at the very heart of where the dishes come from: Chuncheon. Of course we didn’t spend an entire day traveling to only eat a pan of marinated chicken, but what Chuncheon had in store for me was absolutely beyond my imagination.

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[travel] How new buildings should look, observations from a trip to Rotterdam

I usually favor historical places: an old town, an antique church, a vintage stores with items that have passed their golden days. Knowing my preferences, one friend warned me that I would not like Rotterdam–the most non-Dutch city in terms of architecture and ‘feel’. While other Dutch cities are mostly old and relatively small in size, with tall churches and cobbled pathway imbued with the depth of time, Rotterdam is big, new, modern, and is covered with exciting, futuristic, and innovative buildings. Contrary to what my friend expected, I found myself deeply impressed by the city’s vibe, but even more so my the incredible architectural creations in every corner of Rotterdam.

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[travel] Delft, the dreamy town

After 3 weeks of recovery from my extensive Europe trip, this weekend I decided that either I started to resume my “going-to-a-new-place-every-2-weeks” plan or I would rot and become a lazy pathetic being who has started her hibernation way too prematurely. While it is universal knowledge that I am pathetic, I refuse to be classified as ‘lazy’… Taking advice from a classmate, finally yesterday, on a foggy, misty, oh-so-typical Dutch Saturday morning, I dragged myself out of the room and hopped on the train to Delft.

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[travel] Nami Island – more than just a filming location

Nami Island is one of the most popular tourist attractions out of Seoul, widely known as the famous filming location for Winter Sonata – a drama that once took over the entire Asia when it was aired in 2002. My first visit to Nami was back in March when the last bits of winter still lingered thus everything was barely alive, which is why this time around the beauty of Nami in autumn totally blows my mind away.

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[travel] My last day in Maastricht

This is the last post of my Maastricht-Brussels series. After our quick trip to Brussels, we took it easy in Maastricht by just visiting the two famous landmark of Basilica of Saint Servatius–a beautiful Roman Catholic Church, and Selexyz Dominicanen–a former Dominican church dating back to the 13th century, which now serves as a the world’s coolest bookstore.

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[travel] My day trip to the magnificent Brussels, Belgium

I’m back from my epic trip to Maastricht and Brussels;v; It was tiring, but exceptionally fun and awesome. I still have a stack of Maastricht photos to sort out, but I can’t wait to share my Brussels photos right now. Such a gorgeous, gorgeous city. It is the heart of Europe for a reason lol. Though I didn’t appreciate the fact that the streets were a whole lot dirtier and people seemed to speak worse English than in the Netherlands, the sights I saw, the foods I tasted, the experiences I had were simply amazing.

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