Yet another sunny day! I was ecstatic the moment a ray of sunlight peeked through the curtains! Such a fine day should be dedicated to not merely more walking, but to some extra physical activity aka. climbing to the top of the Notre Dame for a bird’s eye view of Paris.

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[travel] Magical Paris, day 2

In a delightful contrast to the rainy Christmas Eve, Christmas day in Paris started with bright sunlight and a clear sky. The streets were blissfully free of humans until we hit the touristic spots ;)

A sunny Paris in the winter is not a common scenario, thus we were determined to make the most out of our time under the sun. Our travel plan was arranged according to the weather actually. Out of 5 days we stayed there, 2 sunny days were reserved for walking and enjoying street life, 1 for seeing Paris in the rain because Paris in the rain is also cool, and the other 2 for taking refugee in some gorgeous museums.

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[eat] Some Petit fours in Hong Kong: reviews of Passion by Gerald Dubois & Paul Lafayet

A very sweet post today. This morning, I went to Passion by Gerald Dubois, a pretty French bakery in Wan Chai, which has totally smothered ma passion for anything sweet for at least a month. I believe that the amount of sugar in the two very small confections was enough to ensure I will get diabetes in this life, and possibly in the after life. Slowly passing out in my sugar coma, I was reminded of another similar saccharine shock when eating my first macaron at Paul Lafayet as well -.-

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[eat] Real French crêpes at La Celtique @ Sinchon, Seoul

Hi guys, I have something French to share today. I just came back from La Celtique–a French bistro that receives lots of buzz for its authentic French crêpes. The French Face–being French, obviously–raves wildly about the place and, well, I suppose that I should trust a French on French food right? So today, The French Face, the Face of my Blog, and I went to La Celtique to get a taste of France.

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