[travel] Hiking Calanque de Port Miou in Cassis, France

As my long-time readers probably know, I truly enjoy hiking. The last time I did it was in Jeju with the bf and boy do I miss it. Convinced that no trip is complete without some good hiking, on our second day in Marseille, we hopped on the bus to Cassis–a picturesque community east of Marseille. It is famous for its incredible cliffs and sheltered inlets called calanques. The village is also a gem in itself, with colorful houses and cobbled streets.

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[travel] Jeju trip (day 5): Walking Jeju Olle Trail route #2

We only had 2 hours to spend before heading to Jeju International Airport to catch our flights back home, so we decided to take a short walk along an unnamed beach near our hotel. It turned out that the path was actually a part of Olle trail route #2. Like route #1, the trail we took this time was quite stunning.

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[travel] Jeju trip (day 2-1): Jeju Olle Trail route #1 & Jeju’s abalone porridge

We started our second day in Jeju island by asking the hotel staff to give us a ride to the starting point of Route 1 of the Jeju Olle Trail. Jeju Olle Trail is

Ollegil (올레길) The Jeju Olle Trail, called Jeju Olle Gil or simply, “Jeju Olle” in Korean, is a long-distance foot path on Jeju Island, an island off the south-west coast of South Korea. The overall route, mostly following the coastline, consists of 21 interconnected numbered main routes, 5 major spurs, and a short spur that connects to Jeju Airport. The routes each have an average length of 16 km and total 422 km in all. The exact length and locations change over time as trails are modified or re-routed. The routes pass through various landscapes along the way including small villages, beaches, farms and forests. Many routes encompass some of the island’s 368 oreums (low parasitic volcanoes and historical sites dating from ancient times through to the modern era.

The 2 most beloved Olle trails are route #1 & #7. While the latter is far from our hotel, the former was just 3 minutes away by car. We spent ~5 hours on the trail, hiking through villages, over mountains, and along the beach. The weather was perfect (no sun, cool and windy) and the trail was beautiful. Hiking is our favorite activity, given how antisocial we are xD Jeju has a lot to offer, but many spots of interest are touristy. We just want to spend our holiday as pleasantly as possible, and enjoyment = no people around. I am not sure if I would recommend hiking Jeju Olle Trails to everyone, because many may find walking ~15km nothing fun, but if you want to discover the hidden beauty of Jeju island, Olle Trail is a good place to start.

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[travel] A hike to Trio Beach @ Sai Kung, Hong Kong

Sai Kung has to be my favorite town in Hong Kong. It has the sea, the mountain, the food. It has everything. I wrote about Hiking Tai Long Wan in Hong Kong some time ago. It was wonderful and everyone visiting Hong Kong should do that, I believe. However, if you do not have much time and are afraid that 15 km might be too much, a relatively short hike to Trio beach in Sai Kung would be a nice exercise with the rewarding view of a beautiful beach.

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[travel] Tai Long Wan hike — hiking in Hong Kong

I’m just back from a long hike in Tai Long Wan, Hong Kong.  The hike was about 15km and filled with gorgeous sceneries.  I can’t emphasize enough how I love Hong Kong — the city has everything — from skyscrapers to modest farm houses, from humongous shopping malls at every single subway stop to mesmerizing unscathed natural beauty.

We set off at 6:30am and took the subway to Ma On Shan.  After getting off, we caught bus 299 outside Ma On Shan Mall to Sai Kung town (gorgeous fishing town).  The ride took about 30 minutes.  From Sai Kung, we took a local bus called R29 at 8am.  Half an hour later, we got off the Sai Wan Pavilion and started our hike.  The road was pretty straightforward (literally), no sun (luckily) and the trees were dense.  We basically followed this route, but at Sai Wan, after checking out the beach, we followed the river flow to trace back to its root — a lovely natural pond.  And at Ham Tin Wan we headed to another secluded beach (Tai Long beach & an unnamed beach) for more eyecandy before returning to the main trail.
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