[eat] A Sri Lankan feast at AJ’s Sri Lankan Cuisine @ Sai Kung, Hong Kong

What do I know about Sri Lanka? Not much, I must admit. I only know that this teardrop-shaped island-country is located on the Indian Ocean, and is one of the most important exporters of tea (who has never heard of Ceylon tea?). Yet, my dinner yesterday at AJ’s Sri Lankan Cuisine (AJ’s 斯里蘭卡菜館) in Sai Kung was an eyeopener. Both the bf and I totally fell in love with the three dishes we ordered, hard.

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[eat] Authentic Thai cuisines at Kowloon City: reviews of Amporn Thaifood & Cheong Fat

Do you guys remember my post about the best airport food you can possibly find at such a great price a la Sawatdee at Hong Kong International Airport terminal 2? If Thai food at the Airport can be that good, how good can it get outside the airfield, you ask?

Well, the answer is that there is a Thai community in Hong Kong in Kowloon City (formerly known as Kowloon Walled City). It is not large, but certainly vibrant and thriving. Kowloon City is, in fact, one of my favorite places in Hong Kong, where you can find quite a number of authentic Thai restaurants and little stores carrying Thai and Southeast Asian spices, herbs, and other products.

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[eat] Simply good: a pastry feast at Simplylife @ Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong

Remember that just a few days ago, I confidently declared that I wouldn’t touch anything sweet for at least a month here? Well, I’m a liar. A mere two days after my traumatic experience at Passion, I again somehow found myself all happy and excited to queue for and devour tons of delish pastries at Simplylife–a beautiful bakery shop inside Festival Walk mall (Kowloon Tong station).

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[eat] Terrific North Indian & Nepalese food at Manakamana @ Jordan, Hong Kong

Yesterday, the neverending love for Indian/Nepalese food was ignited again by an incredible meal at a tiny restaurant called Manakamana on the busy Temple Street in Hong Kong (hard to find because it is back in behind the stalls selling tourist trinkets that line the streets). I usually get my Indian fix (read, Dosa) at Woodlands in Tsim Sha Tsui, but now Manakamana has officially become another mecca for Indian food to me. Of course, one can always have 2 meccas, especially when one specializes in South Indian food (Woodlands), and the other abundant in Northern fare and Himalayan delicacies.

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[eat] Some Petit fours in Hong Kong: reviews of Passion by Gerald Dubois & Paul Lafayet

A very sweet post today. This morning, I went to Passion by Gerald Dubois, a pretty French bakery in Wan Chai, which has totally smothered ma passion for anything sweet for at least a month. I believe that the amount of sugar in the two very small confections was enough to ensure I will get diabetes in this life, and possibly in the after life. Slowly passing out in my sugar coma, I was reminded of another similar saccharine shock when eating my first macaron at Paul Lafayet as well -.-

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