[travel] Eastern Europe tour: Buda, Budapest, day 2

Forgive me for not updating my travel report as often as I should be. There simply so many photos to sort out and I am just ultra lazy >.< Plus, I have been hooked on the incredible Downton Abbey, which obviously doesn't help ~.~

After one day spent at Pest, we spent most of the second day at Buda, visiting Janoshegy–the highest point in Budapest, riding the Children’s railway, hopping on a cable car, and immersing ourselves in the luminous Budapest by night from Castle hill. While it was incredibly beautiful in daylight, the city at nigh simply made me speechless.

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[travel] Eastern Europe tour: Pest, Budapest, day 1

After an early, long bus ride from Prague, we arrived in Budapest–the capital of Hungary–at around 2pm. The day we arrived was a national holiday (Oct 23, Hungarian Revolution day), thus our initial plan of hopping on a boat ride on the Danube was wrecked, replaced by a walking tour in the Hungarian Parliament Square vicinity.

The grand Budapest is a mixture of history and modernity. It is antique, vibrant, and absolutely beautiful. To me, it is the most beautiful city of all 5 I visited during the tour. In 1873, the two cities ‘Buda’ (West-bank of the Danube) and ‘Pest’ (East-bank) were combined together, it became a global city in the 19th century, and was also the second capital of the powerful Austro-Hungarian Empire until its dissolution in 1918.

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