[eat] Best brunch I’ve ever had in Seoul: London Tea @ Apgujeong, Seoul

If I had a wish list of where I want to go before I leave Korea, London Tea must have been there a long long time ago, right on the top of the list. For a person who’d never stepped a foot through London Tea’s door, I sure knew a lot about the place. I knew it’s a pretty popular brunch house, it’s too tiny to be a restaurant, it definitely serves tea because half its name contains the word and most importantly nobody goes home disappointed with their decision of visiting there.  Therefore I decided that it was high time I stopped procrastinating and checked the place out. London Tea, however, went beyond my expectation and it has so far given me the most pleasant experience of eating out in Korea.

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[eat] Hearty Halal fill at Foreign Restaurant @ Itaewon, Seoul

Greetings from Vietnam! I’m currently on a super short trip to Hanoi the capital of the country and the city welcomes me with nice thin drizzles and perfect chilly weather. Lunar New Year’s holiday is officially over but it seems people here are still in the vacation mood, if all those complaints I’ve heard for the past few days are anything to go by. As you may know, I’ve totally neglected the blog for the past couple of weeks for a lot of reasons (most of which are me being lazy and easily distracted so to speak). For that I’m sorry (but I can’t promise it won’t ever happen again oh boy) and I’ll try to update more regularly!

A while ago my friend and I sorta fell into a food crisis where we couldn’t either find a proper restaurant that we both liked to try out or have an appetite for anything that was economically & financially unattractive. Desperate time calls for desperate measures, we decided to go for all-you-can-eat, in hope it would somehow satisfy our very different food cravings and chose Foreign Restaurant, which is the fancy name for a restaurant that serves Halal/Indian food.

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[eat] Delicious Korean feast at Gwangjang Market (광장시장) @ Jongno, Seoul

Junk/street food is probably one of the many traits about Korea that most of you Korea enthusiasts fall in love with. To say I was thrilled when my friend told me about Gwangjang market (광장 시장)  and its street food diversity was a total understatement. Well it’s not like it is the only food market in Seoul, but it surely is the market of my food. As you already know the biggest players are rice cake (떡볶이), fish cake (어뎅) and fried food (튀김). My most favourite dish however is sundae, the one dish that has manged to gross lots of foreigners out, including me if I stare at the food long and hard enough.

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[travel] Wonderful winter scenery at Chuncheon, Korea

It’s 5 hours to the 3rd of January 2014 and I still think it’s 2012. Time is strange. To anyone who’s reading this post I hope you’ve had a great NYE.

Remember the time when I wrote an ~article worth~ post about spending a marvelous autumn day at Nami Island and asked you to check out Chuncheon’s signature dishes for we couldn’t afford a proper meal due to our state of forever living on a tight budget? Well this time I’ve finally had my dream come true trying them myself at the very heart of where the dishes come from: Chuncheon. Of course we didn’t spend an entire day traveling to only eat a pan of marinated chicken, but what Chuncheon had in store for me was absolutely beyond my imagination.

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[eat] Must-try kalguksu and mandu at 명동교자 @ Myeongdong, Seoul

I’m finally back to updating the blog now that I have some time to really stay in my room and have a little rest. The last two weeks was extremely hectic for me as I was totally invested both physically and mentally in the communication marketing project at school, to the point I had to suffer minor panic attacks which in hindsight were rather embarrassing. But yeah, I’m here for a really quick (but equally important) post before I disappear again for the finals!

Long story short,  I had the best kalguksu in my entire life and a really good basket of mandu at 명동교자 (Myeong-dong-gyo-ja)At this point this blog is going to be a mandu specialised blog thanks to my talent of only eating mandu when I go out. Mandu has never been my first choice when ordering, but somehow it always ends up presenting itself on my table. Oh well, not that I’m complaining.

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THE SEOUL CHECK LIST, or a realistic guide to Seoul first-timers (part 1)

We still vividly remember that precious (not) first time we landed in Incheon International Airport, all ready and pumped up to start a new life in the land of morning calm. Oh our young seouls (bad pun), how they were overwhelmed, underwhelmed, shocked, annoyed, surprised, delighted at everything we first saw, heard, and tasted. While everyone has his own way of adapting to a new environment (don’t follow our fashion, though, as your diligent authors simply chose to curl into a corner with their antisocial fellas), we are sure that a little bit of insider advice doesn’t hurt anyone. In a desperate attempt to be a little nicer and more useful,  I have decided to create a cheesy list called “Seoul Check List” for our beloved Seoul newbies.

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[travel] Chinatown @ Incheon, Korea

I like Seoul and all its diverse ranges of food and cultural venues, but soon enough new places start running out and sadly so does my creativity when it comes to choosing a good one to hang out. In addition to my pent-up frustration, the weather is at its worst these days (raining mornings, wet snow and blowing winds etc.) which makes every Friday aka the only time of the week I have a full day off a problem. This weekend, in order to celebrate non-existent Thanksgiving in Korea aka a reasonable excuse to get out of Seoul, I headed to Incheon and spent the day walking around Korea’s only official Chinatown.

This post is pretty personal what with my face plastered all over on photos, trivial complaints and cat-centered stories so…you have been warned.

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[tea house] Tea time at Tea Terrace @ Hongdae, Seoul

If you wander to the far opposite end of the main road in Hongdae, you’ll be surprised to see that the place carries a totally different vibe from that of the usual Hongdae you’re accustomed to. It is quiet, cosy and naturally better. In the event of showing my cousin around during her trip to Korea, I decided to take her to this part of Hongdae as the first stop (who doesn’t go to Hongdae really) and showed her around as an eager  tour guide. That’s how we stumbled upon Tea Terrace when it was relatively late in the evening. I didn’t want to go in at first, only to be convinced a moment later by my cousin to check this place out. So basically, shoutout to my beloved cousin who made this post into reality ㅋㅋ.

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[eat] Chinese dumpling at Jonny Dumpling @ Itaewon, Seoul

As much as I like Chinese dumplings never in a decade had I dared to think there would be a decent Chinese dumpling house in Seoul, let alone Itaewon. Chinese food, in the process of being imported to Korean cuisine, has changed and lost most of its specialties in order to suit Korean people’s palate. Mandu – Korean dumpling is not that bad but even the best mandu at Bukchon Mandu can’t compare to the other members of its family. It was merely by chance I discovered Jonny Dumpling but I’m glad I did because now I finally have a place to go to when in need of a good dumpling fill.

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[travel] Nami Island – more than just a filming location

Nami Island is one of the most popular tourist attractions out of Seoul, widely known as the famous filming location for Winter Sonata – a drama that once took over the entire Asia when it was aired in 2002. My first visit to Nami was back in March when the last bits of winter still lingered thus everything was barely alive, which is why this time around the beauty of Nami in autumn totally blows my mind away.

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