Happy 2014 :D

Happy New Year to our readers. So sorry for seemingly abandoning this blog for the past few weeks (months?). Han is a pathetic lazy ass and I am on the road till the end of January. I have a fuck ton of stuffs to blog about but never have time :\

But really, Happy New Year to all of us. A new year is the same as the old years. It is up to us to make it better or worse. Here is to a new year with renewed energy and new excitement.

Yes I was in Paris, in Marseille; I hiked the gorgeous Calanques in Cassis, and now am in Spain ;)

[misc] Postcards from Utrecht, the Netherlands

Omg I am procrastinating. Has school really started? I mean, wtf??? It was summer yesterday, and now school is here, like, for real?? I already have a shitload of assignments to finish, and tons of readings as well. But I thought that nobody studies in Europe?

Pfff whatever, I am spamming this blog with more (hopefully) eye candies of Utrecht (again). Such a pretty pretty city xD Apart from the fact that I am here to study, everything is so nice ;v;

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[misc] Buying tea online in Korea

Ever wonder where all the tea houses in Korea get tea from? I’m pretty sure that they don’t grab them from the racks at Foreign Market in Itaewon, but where? I have been asking myself that question for quite some time. After doing a little “research”, I was directed to several Korean websites that carry quite an impressive range of tea (at an equally impressive price lol).

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[misc] Excited for Spring

April is the cruelest month, says T.S. Eliot. Not quite, I guess. It is fascinating to see how spring flowers slowly light up the campus and bang! one day you wake up and you see flowers everywhere. I am so excited for the coming few weeks as I will have a great excuse to not study–cherry blossoms will be in full blooms and any sensible person out there would just chill and appreciate what spring has to offer. Studying is the matter of a lifetime, cherry blossoms, on the other hand, only bloom once a year.
I am in a nostalgic mood so I will just compile a spam post of Spring flowers photos I took last year. In a few week, I will spam my blog with photos of this spring.

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