[eat] Pizza at Trevia pizza di Roma @ Noksapyeong, Seoul

Believe it or not I have an emotional connection with pizza. I could consume a whole large pizza without finding myself feeling guilty at the slightest about how it is going to entirely destroy my diet whatsoever. Pizza is love pizza is what makes the world go round let me tell you.

If you’re a Noksapyeong/Itaewon frequenter, you probably already know that Trevia pizza di Roma is one of the most popular pizza restos in the area and god do they live up to the reputation.

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[misc] Goodbye Korea~~~~~

*Words by LaCrymaMosa; photos by Han K Ngo & LaCrymaMosa*

Greetings from Helsinki Airport -v- I am waiting for my second and last flight today to Amsterdam. Yep, I am going to spend 10 months in The Netherlands, starting from today ;A;

My last day in Korea was, uh, uneventful, I guess? Han accompanied me for the whole day so thanks a bunch bro. We went to 서울쌈냉면 for a bowl of icy noodles before heading to the nearby Cafe Labri to avoid the sun. As if lazying around for ~2 hours in a cafe was not enough, we went back to her room and debated for 4 hours as to where we could most meaningfully spend my last hours in Seoul.

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[eat] Eggs Benedict at T.G. Brunch Cafe & Mushroom Burger at Jacoby’s Burger @ Noksapyeong, Seoul

If my friends ask for a good brunch spot, I usually recommend T.G. Brunch Cafe in Noksapyeong. They have a decent range of options for brunch which is on offer all day. The cafe is small and has a casual, friendly atmosphere, and is located in the quieter neighborhood of Noksapyeong.

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[cafe] An adorable little cafe: BRICKLANE @ Noksapyeong, Seoul

Bricklane in Noksapyeong is a thrilling ‘discovery’ for me. I never expected such a lovely cafe could be located in the Itaewon area–an area best known for international restaurants, oversized clothing shops with exorbitant prices, and prostitutes on Walkerhill. That a quiet, bright cafe filled with flowers is located amidst this chaotic exciting area almost seems like magic to me.

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[cafe] Blue Curacao Lemonade @ Standing Coffee

I have a healthy affair with the Blue Curacao Lemonade at Standing Coffee (branches everywhere in Seoul but I frequent the ones at Noksapyeong and Hongdae). For 5000 KRW you get a huge size lemonade (with like 2 lemons & blue curacao). The result is a refreshing, lemony (obviously), and pretty drink. Standing Coffee is the only place that every time I pass by, I HAVE to drop in and order this. Of course, I don’t when it gets too crowded with long lines of eager healthy drinkers (which is often the case with the branch in Noksapyeong). From some of my friends’ comments on their coffee, Standing Coffee does make good coffee & latte as well. Bonus point: most bartender bois there are ridiculously good looking.

you have no idea how many times I have taken this kind of picture ‘-‘ but the blue drink looks seriously lovely.
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[eat] Waffles in Seoul

Me loves waffles.  I jump at any chance to have a bite of the sweet crispy caramelized treat. Here are some waffle places in Seoul I often frequent.

1. Waffle factory. Closed on Monday. Noksapyeong station exit 3, walk straight to the underpass, cross the street, walk straight, you should see Waffle factory without any problem.
A decent choice of waffles, not cheap but not ungodly expensive (~10 KRW per order). Little shop with nice atmosphere. Waffle is thick, moist, very good, served with quite a generous portion of whipped cream.
Berry waffle & Vanilla shake

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[eat] Jacoby’s Burger @ Noksapyeong, Seoul

I wonder why so many expats are mad at Jacoby’s Burger.  They say the service sucks.  I personally don’t care about the service, as for burgers, I care about the patty.  Of all burger joints I have tried in Korea, Jacoby’s Burger has the best beef patty.  The idea location (reachable from Noksapyeong station but hidden enough for us carnivores to take a walk (and call it “jogging”) to feel better about our health), the hip decor, the wide selections, the awesome-burgers at a decent price are more than I can ask for.  Personally I have never had any issue with their service, but their music is hideous. It gets super crowded during weekends, I hate waiting, so I never visit the joint during weekends and ‘rush’ hour aka. lunch time & dinner time.  They also serve a decent selection of beer and other ‘stuff’ (spaghetti etc.) but why go to a burger joint for pasta?

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