[leisure] Autumn evening in Haneul Park, Seoul

Autumn feels like a lazy Sunday where time flows in a really strange way. You wake up one moment and the next moment Sunday is gone. So is autumn. There are so many things I love about this lovely season. As a photographer (wannabe), autumn gives me the most amazing backdrops of lights and nature. As a fashion enthusiast, autumn is the only time of the year I’m allowed to wear the kinds of clothes that would definitely freeze myself to dead if it were winter or make me a crazy woman if it were summer. And as an art lover, every breath taken in autumn is enough for a moment of inspiration to me. There’s a common saying about autumn that it is the perfect example of the heart-breaking truth things are most beautiful when they are dying. Ok I’ll stop rambling.

To celebrate the season accidentally amid midterm exam time, we decided to spend a day venturing out of the city to the World cup stadium where Haneul Park is located. In order to keep the surprise element, I didn’t look up on the Internet for the pictures of the park at all. It took us a great amount of time before we found the park but God was it worth the walking.

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[leisure] Ode to the Fall: memories of Olympic Park @ Bangi-dong, Seoul

This chilly, rainy autumn of the Netherlands is making me oh-so-nostalgic of the perfect Autumn I once enjoyed back in the land of kimchi & kpop. I still distinctly remember Olympic Park–the first and, still to me, the best park in Korea I have visited–with its glorious beauty last Autumn. Armed with the more than suitable music, Lake of Tears’ Forever Autumn, I opened the photo albums of yesteryear with great fondness for the golden season of Korea.

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[leisure] A morning walk (again -.-) at University College Utrecht & Wilhelmina Park

Another morning walk post today lol. The weather has been perfect since I arrived and it is such a shame to stay on bed late. Today I walked around University College Utrecht campus & inside the nearby Wilhelmina Park for >1 hour and absolutely enjoyed my moments of silence there. My only concern is, though, why does this Wilhelmina Park look exactly the same as the one I visited in downtown Utrecht yesterday? From the shape of the lake, the fountain, the positions of the chairs etc. Kinda amusing xD~
Edit: They are actually the same park!!!!!! I just realized today lmfao.

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[leisure] A morning walk in Utrecht

Greetings from the lovely city of Utrecht. I am now at University College Utrecht, writing something before dragging myself to the most dreaded thing for me in the world: Getting to know people. It is so hard to move to a new place for someone as anti-social as me. I cried for a good hour or so, thinking about how scary, difficult, and futile it is to make new ‘friends’ lol.

Anyway, this early morning (6am) I took a stroll around the vicinity of the hostel I stayed and completely fell in love with Utrecht already. Such a beautiful, quiet place. So much green space, so many flowers, and the temperature was right up my alley. I happily embraced the 16 degree Celcius morning and walked for a good 2 hours. That feeling when you can walk long distance without sweating is such a luxury I haven’t had since forever.

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[leisure] Fallen in love with Seonyudo park @ Yangwha-dong, Seoul

Fabulous day today. Right now the lowcarb buddy and I are chilling at Bricklane in Noksapyeong after enjoyably whiling away our morning at Seonyudo park. The park was absolutely amusing in a creepy (?) way. It is so different from any other park we have been to before. Most parks in Korea (for example Ilsan Lake Park) are filled with flowers, looking colorful and lovely. Seonyudo park, however, has a creepy mysterious feel to it…

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[leisure] Perfect spring day at Ilsan Lake Park @ Goyang, Gyeonggi-do

Cherry blossoms in central Seoul are more or less all gone–if you have yet to take enough pictures of this year sakura season, grieve not. Just head to Ilsan Lake Park–where you will be literally BOMBARDED with sakura and other flowers.
Ilsan Lake Park is one gorgeous baby. I was not impressed with the fact that it boasts the biggest man-made lake in Korea (not too big actually), but I was with how clean and crystal clear the lake was. The cherry blossoms extended until as far as your eyes could see and further, looking as wonderful as if they had just bloomed yesterday. The park even had tulips and other flowers, but I especially loved all those tiny yellow/white/purple blooms which were slowly covering the grass. It even hosts a local flower market, which was, while small, simply colorful with some stunning blossoms. The lowcarb buddy and I enjoyably spent ~5 hours there, indulging in the beautiful nature (albeit man-made!), and taking around 300 photos. We totally fell head over heels for Ilsan Lake Park and I strongly encourage you guys to pay the lovely park a visit.

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