[travel] Eastern Europe tour: One day in Prague (part 2)

Nerudova street was actually a hilly path the led us to Prague’s castle. While I was still charmed by lovely old houses along the street, the path before me opened up to an open, grand scenery of blue sky, green hills, color-changing leaves, and a bird’s eye view of Prague.

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[travel] Eastern Europe tour: One day in Prague (part 1)

Saying farewell to the capital of Germany, we embarked on a long journey to another capital: the Czech Republic’s beautiful Prague. We, unfortunately, only had one full day to spare, and how I wish I could have had at least one week to stay and to explore this magnificent place. It was simply laden with fascinating history, gorgeous buildings, enormous churches, charming streets, and fabulous sceneries. The sun was shining, sky blue, leaves turned golden, the Vlvata river’s waters were deeply clear… I had no choice other than fell in love with this wonder of a city.

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[eat] Goulash with dumpling & Whole roasted pig knuckle in Prague

I took a lot of photos of Prague–the capital of the Czech Republic–during my one full day there. But while the scenery and architecture were mindblowing, the food was no less spectacular. In fact, this quick post is solely dedicated to what I ate and drank in Prague.

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