[eat] Tapas increíbles–review of La Republicana @ Zaragoza, Spain

Think Spanish food and what comes first to your mind? Lots, indeed. Spanish food is among the best known in the world, not only for its level of yumminess but also for its incredible diversity. Varied climates and terrains mean that a myriad of different vegetables are grown. While lamb, beef and chicken abound, Spain’s extended coastline brings seafood to the country’s gastronomic scene. Most importantly, perhaps, is the influence of different cultures embedded in Spanish cooking: Roman & Greek (where else do you think olive oil and wine came from?), Moorish (gazpacho, baby, it’s the gazpacho), Jewish (stew in olla), and Christian (SPANISH HAM!). Paella, croquetas, tortilla española, jamon, chorizo, churros, sangria… even the name sound exciting already.

However, if you can only choose ONE type of Spanish food to savour, stick with tapas. Everyone knows what tapas mean, but in plain English: a variety of Spanish appetizers, served hot or cold, which make you very happy after tasting and keep you longing for more. Good thing is that you can find tapas bars everywhere in the world, but in Spain, tapas have been perfected into real cuisine.

When we were in Spain, the sheer density of tapas bars per square kilometer was confusing and intimidating. As visitors, we of course wanted to find a real gem among this multitude of establishments. After failing to make it to one of Girona’s best tapas bars (according to TripAdvisor), we decided to avenge our loss by heading to La Republicana–arguably the most popular and the best place to enjoy tapas in Zaragoza the next day.

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[eat] Chicken steak at Roscoco @ Hongdae, Seoul

It’s embarrassing to say this but the more I eat food the less I know about them. Just when I thought there was no way that any chicken dish cooked with any kind of method could wow me anymore this happened and had me seriously think about my attitude to chicken. I mean, chicken is healthy and delicious and all that jazz, but it doesn’t have this element of surprise because it seems I have eaten enough chicken in my life to have a reason not to be impressed by it. My my, I’m glad I went to Roscoco and had an eye-opening experience because that restaurant had one bucket of awesomeness that is chicken.

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