[travel] Best & cheapest way to travel from Amsterdam to Vienna

Before coming to Vienna, I had always been dreaming about that city. It holds a special place in my heart (and I won’t tell why). Let’s just say that of all the European cities, Vienna was always on the top of my to-visit list.
Yet it took me quite some time after I arrived in Europe to actually visit Vienna. The obstacle is, of course, money.

I had always thought that getting from Amsterdam to Vienna should be a breeze. I mean, it is just Germany between us, right? Right… just like Vietnam is close to Afghanistan–only China in between, or that Korea can be a neighbor with Finland had it not been for Russia.
Yes, you got my points: 1/ Germany is BIG and 2/ Getting from Amsterdam to Vienna is not the easiest thing to figure out when you are in tight budget, because believe it or not, there is no cheap airline that flies you from the Netherlands to Vienna.

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[travel] Can Venice be cheap?

The short answer is, yes.
As you might have read my declaration of love for Venice here, you can only imagine how sad I was to read indonesia in my pocket‘s very different view on Venice (ok it is not that I was sad sad but I like to exaggerate things). I understand her frustration, though. 5 euro for a scoop of gelato is a crime against humanity. Had I encountered such ridiculous price tag/cost of staying in Venice like her, I don’t think I could have written such a loving post about Venice.

Luckily for me, however, my short holiday was very affordable and pleasant for such a popular city.
And here is how.

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THE SEOUL CHECK LIST, or a realistic guide to Seoul first-timers (part 1)

We still vividly remember that precious (not) first time we landed in Incheon International Airport, all ready and pumped up to start a new life in the land of morning calm. Oh our young seouls (bad pun), how they were overwhelmed, underwhelmed, shocked, annoyed, surprised, delighted at everything we first saw, heard, and tasted. While everyone has his own way of adapting to a new environment (don’t follow our fashion, though, as your diligent authors simply chose to curl into a corner with their antisocial fellas), we are sure that a little bit of insider advice doesn’t hurt anyone. In a desperate attempt to be a little nicer and more useful,  I have decided to create a cheesy list called “Seoul Check List” for our beloved Seoul newbies.

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