[travel] What is there in Cologne?

Apart from this?

After a stressful flight from Rome to Amsterdam, I got back to my room in Utrecht at 11:30pm on 17 January 2014. I rushed to do laundry, check emails, and do some very very last minute packing for yet another adventure the next day. Yes, I have to get up at 5am to catch my 6am train for Cologne. Guys, this is seriously strenuous alright. After 1 week of non-stop sightseeing in Italy, a flight + train ride + biking back, a few hours of doing laundry and waiting for my clothes to dry, I have 3 hours of sleep before getting back to the road.

Given my fragile state on that day, it is no surprise that I did not enjoy Cologne very much.

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[eat] Authentic Thai cuisines at Kowloon City: reviews of Amporn Thaifood & Cheong Fat

Do you guys remember my post about the best airport food you can possibly find at such a great price a la Sawatdee at Hong Kong International Airport terminal 2? If Thai food at the Airport can be that good, how good can it get outside the airfield, you ask?

Well, the answer is that there is a Thai community in Hong Kong in Kowloon City (formerly known as Kowloon Walled City). It is not large, but certainly vibrant and thriving. Kowloon City is, in fact, one of my favorite places in Hong Kong, where you can find quite a number of authentic Thai restaurants and little stores carrying Thai and Southeast Asian spices, herbs, and other products.

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[travel] Oh Kyoto~ Our trip to Kyoto (day 1)

Just finished my second day in this wonderfully fascinating city and I have loved every second of being here. I am dead tired from all the intense walking during the whole day (6am -> 7pm) so this is a quick post of what happened yesterday–my first day in Kyoto. We took a 9-hour bus ride from Tokyo and arrived at Kyoto at in the morning (my friend’s friend booked the tickets so I have no idea about the details though). After the initial bafflement at the sheer size of the station, the friend figured out that we should buy a Kyoto 1 day pass which allows us unlimited use of Kyoto busses for the day (500 yen). From the station, we took a bus to our hostel Mundo Chiquito–one of the best and prettiest hostels I have ever been to. If you go to Kyoto on a budget, THIS is the place to stay. It is also 3 minutes from Nijo Castle–our first destination.

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[eat] Thai food at Sawatdee @ Hong Kong International airport terminal 2

I have never appreciated any kind of food associated to airport, except for this small place inside Hong Kong Intl’ Airport terminal 2: Sawatdee. Truth be told, another time I ate there (dumplings at Maxim) was quite good actually. Sawatdee — like its name suggests — specializes in Thai food, and is serious about it. I have tried Tom Yum Gung, Green Curry, Pad Thai, and glutinous rice with mango and coconut milk there. All were awesome and at a reasonable price.

Green curry: awesome awesome awesome. My biggest worry when I order Thai curry anywhere is that the coconut-y flavor would be watered down. Not the case here. The broth was perfectly seasoned with loads of chicken. It looks great as well.

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