[eat] Super duper paninis at A to Z Cafe @ Sinchon, Seoul

I love paninis–the bf used to make the best paninis in the world for me with fine cheese and chicken breast ;~;. But come to think of it, before yesterday I only had panini outside home ONCE in all my time in Korea and was not immensely impressed. However, at A to Z Cafe, I was able to rediscover the beautiful flavor I fell in love with again and again. On the same road as extremely lovely places like Chloris Tea Garden or Chloris Salon de Thé, A to Z Cafe’s interior (AND exterior) are comparable in charm. The prices are very reasonable for great paninis and yummy drinks.

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[eat] Beef steak & mushroom sandwiches at Lord Sandwich @ Sinchon, Seoul

Guys, it’s been one month since I started this blog. How time flies! I don’t want to be cheesy, but I am so happy to see it grow and receive support. Thanks a lot for viewing, liking, and commenting. I feel encouraged and motivated to eat out more often and to share my experience when I see traffic from all over the world.
The semester has been going on for 3 weeks and finally I have a chance to go back to Lord Sandwich — my favorite SW place in Seoul. I have been to LSW numerous times but I am always fascinated, captured, blown away by how delicious their SW are. As usual, I chose beef steak SW (14000 KRW) and indulged in the medium rare, tender like mother’s love, beef. The vegetarian friend opted for Mushroom SW (actually there were mushroom, zucchini, and eggplant). His SW was surprisingly good, insanely good, really. I wouldn’t mind being a herbivore if I got this kind of food everyday.

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[eat] Lovely pizzas at Bilbao Pizza @ Sinchon, Seoul

Finally after 2 weeks of low-carb diet, my treat day has come. This morning at 7:30 I hopped to the Dunkin’ Donuts next to Severance Hospital to stuff my face with some beloved Donuts and I just came back from a filling lunch. It is always nice to bite on some thin crust pizzas and catch up with your dear friend. I was hanging out with the vegetarian friend I blogged about here — and naturally, I had to eat vegetarian pizzas today. But boy they were good. Margherita pizza with GOOD cheese always hits the spot.

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[eat] South Indian fare at Woodlands @ Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

I have a huge obsession: Dosa. I am crazy about it, no joke. Malaysia was an amazing place to me, 40% was because of Dosa, 40% Nasi Lemak, and 20% everything. When I was promised that I would have Dosa in Hong Kong, I was ecstatic. And yes, I did get lots of huge, crispy, why-so-delicious dosas at Woodlands Vegetarian restaurant in Hong Kong. Why the numerous Indian restaurants here in Korea cannot make a single dosa????

Just look at how thin and huge it is. Don’t you just love dosa?
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[eat] Real sandwich at Lord Sandwich @ Sinchon, Seoul

I am now living at Yonsei dorm at Sinchon campus. The food scene is quite vibrant and my school’s various canteens pretty much cater to all my needs. Still, that you live in an area of good cheap eats doesn’t mean that you don’t make foodie mistake. I still vividly remember buying a sandwich at my school’s GS25 and I’m sure that it was one of the biggest mistakes in my life. Fortunately, the superb Lord Sandwich nearby always provides me with all sorts of redemption.

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[eat] Cheap, yummy, filling eat at 하늘본닭 @ Sinchon, Seoul

I am a student from a third-world country living in a developed luxurious land of morning calm.  Needless to say, I am poor (or to put it more correctly, I am stingy and I don’t like spending my money). But I happen to develop a love affair with good food.  I don’t want to spend more than 5000 KRW for a meal BUT I want something tasty, hot, filling, and perhaps, healthy.

One day my boring vegan friend took me to a place called 하늘본닭 (how poetic does it sound?  Chicken looking up the sky!  The name itself delights my heart) in Sinchon.  He is a vegan and I am a carnivore, and you know, usually, when such a mismatch couple hang out, the vegan always wins.  Anyway, he ordered “the best item on the menu” called “Chicken and veggie stir fried rice” (see below) at 4500 KRW/pax.  But of course, the annoying dude demanded his portion chicken-free.  All he wanted was veggie + stir fried rice.  Seriously, young man?

I was grumpy, but having filled my stomach before I was polite enough to tell him to order one portion and I would occasionally take one or two bite.  The one portion came out like this:

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