[eat] Brothless noodles? Pho cuon & more at Hương Mai @ Hanoi, Vietnam

I can find most of my favorite Northern Vietnam’s foods around my house, but there is one thing (actually, a few things belonging to the same clan) that I have to travel all the way to central Hanoi to get find an authentic version. I’m talking about Phở. Nopeeee, not the bowl of noodles submerged in broth, but its brothless counterparts: Phở cuốn, Phở chiên phồng, and Phở trộn. At the arguably most famous restaurant in Hanoi offering these specialties, the ever-packed Hương Mai, I had the chance to share some most delectable noodle dishes with my friends and the bf >v<

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[eat] Awesome edibles around my house in Vietnam

I didn’t realize that there are so many things to eat around my house in Vietnam until today. Within a one minute walk, I can easily stuff my (big) belly with a myriad quality traditional Vietnamese foods at incredible prices. I boasted about the fabulous bun cha stall right next door some time ago, but that is just the tip of the iceberg >v<

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[eat] My quintessential Bun cha

Ask me to name 3 foods that I am always willing to eat at any time and for the rest of my life, they would be Dosa (Indian crepe), Steak (you know what it is), and Bun cha (Vietnam’s, and especially Hanoi’s, quintessential food). Here is the irony, however. Though bun cha originated in Hanoi, and most people agree that the Hanoi version represents the essence of this dish, truth is, the best bun cha for me can only be found at a modest stall right next to my house in a small town north of Hanoi. But then it is a matter of taste. I believe that if you find yourself in Hanoi or in some certain cities in the North of Vietnam, you will soon find a crowd of hungry eaters braving the tropical heat, sitting on the pavements, and diligently slurping mouthfuls of white rice noodles with grilled pork.

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[eat] Rice noodle & egg coffee for breakfast @ Hanoi, Vietnam

My first post about Vietnam.  Now that I only spend very little time in Hanoi during winter or summer break, I can’t check out all the awesome foods in every corner of Hanoi, but there are 2 places I always try to visit every time I am there.  I especially like Hanoi in the morning (before 7am) with its calm and somehow poetic atmosphere.  And of course, nothing is better than stuffing your face.

If you happen to stay around the Old Quarter in Hanoi (which you will), you know where Hoan Kiem Lake is. After taking a lazy stroll around the lake , you might as well want something for breakfast. I know, Pho is ubiquitous and some Pho places in the lake’s vicinity are recommended in all the guidebooks, but how about trying something different? My pick is Bun Thang (some kind of rice noodle) at 31 Cau Go.

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