[eat] Belgian waffles at Limburg @ Hongdae, Seoul

I keep forgetting to write about this place >.> Waffles are my favorite dessert in the world. Seoul indulged me with numerous choices for this sweet little thing, but Waffle Bant forever and always tops my list as a to-go place for their sensational waffles and amazing yogurt smoothie. Will Limburg–another waffle chain with 2 stores in Hongdae alone–be good enough to claim the position that Waffle Bant has long held in my heart?

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[cafe] The quiet little Cafe Bueno @ Edae, Seoul

Hidden in a backstreet of the busy Edae neighborhood is a lovely, peaceful cafe called Cafe Bueno. The array of colorful flowers right outside large windows of Cafe Bueno caught my eyes instantly. Body temperature elevated and feet sore from all my walking during the day, an iced Americano and a waffle with ice cream in a spacious quiet cafe was all that I needed.

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[eat] Waffles at Waffle It Up & Mint Oreo Choco Latte at Gridaggum @ Edae, Seoul

Yesterday, after commuting on the train for 4 hours, stuffing ourselves with Uzbekistani & Vietnamese food (authentic stuffs, tasted like heaven, will blog later), the lowcarb buddy and I still braved the streets of Edae for some shopping (girls are serious when it comes to shopping). Before our inevitable collapse (we had been traveling across Seoul, doing lots of walking, and eating an inestimable amount of food over the past 2 days), we still managed to trudge to Waffle It Up–a tiny waffle place in Edae for more calories~~

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[cafe] Unwinding at Cafe Oui @ Apgujeong, Seoul

Garosu-gil–the famous shopping/dining street in Gangnam, Seoul is notorious for its uber cute and extra girly coffee shops. Nestled in a modest corner of this busy street is one of the cutest cafes I have ever been to: Cafe Oui. While their fare is nothing too fancy or imaginative, it is the interior and the space that make Cafe Oui stand out, and thus attract a huge crowd of sophisticated (?) trendy Seoulites.

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[eat] My most favorite waffle place: Waffle Bant @ Sinchon & Hongdae, Seoul

Ah Waffle Bant–how I love thee. Though I did write about Waffle Bant once in a compilation post, I feel like I didn’t give it the honor it deserves.
A few days ago I noticed that “Best waffle seoul” appeared in my Stats’ Search engine terms. Best waffle? Of course it can only be found at Waffle Bant. Waffle Bant is a Korean brand founded in 2001 with branches all over the country. The place specializes in waffles (obviously) and at the same time offers some amazing drinks (for menu please check http://wafflebant.com).

Waffles are like steak–the best waffles are those who can shine on their own without all the fancy topping and/or ice cream/whipped cream to boost, just like how a good steak needs no sauce or even a grain of salt. Don’t get me wrong, I love whipped cream and a scoop of ice cream is always welcome, but it is far nicer to enjoy a genuinely delicious waffle in its utmost simplicity. So far, only Waffle Bant can give me that unpretentious taste.

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[eat] Waffles in Seoul

Me loves waffles.  I jump at any chance to have a bite of the sweet crispy caramelized treat. Here are some waffle places in Seoul I often frequent.

1. Waffle factory. Closed on Monday. Noksapyeong station exit 3, walk straight to the underpass, cross the street, walk straight, you should see Waffle factory without any problem.
A decent choice of waffles, not cheap but not ungodly expensive (~10 KRW per order). Little shop with nice atmosphere. Waffle is thick, moist, very good, served with quite a generous portion of whipped cream.
Berry waffle & Vanilla shake

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