[leisure] Perfect spring day at Ilsan Lake Park @ Goyang, Gyeonggi-do

Cherry blossoms in central Seoul are more or less all gone–if you have yet to take enough pictures of this year sakura season, grieve not. Just head to Ilsan Lake Park–where you will be literally BOMBARDED with sakura and other flowers.
Ilsan Lake Park is one gorgeous baby. I was not impressed with the fact that it boasts the biggest man-made lake in Korea (not too big actually), but I was with how clean and crystal clear the lake was. The cherry blossoms extended until as far as your eyes could see and further, looking as wonderful as if they had just bloomed yesterday. The park even had tulips and other flowers, but I especially loved all those tiny yellow/white/purple blooms which were slowly covering the grass. It even hosts a local flower market, which was, while small, simply colorful with some stunning blossoms. The lowcarb buddy and I enjoyably spent ~5 hours there, indulging in the beautiful nature (albeit man-made!), and taking around 300 photos. We totally fell head over heels for Ilsan Lake Park and I strongly encourage you guys to pay the lovely park a visit.

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