[cafe] Afternoon tea at Bloom and Goûté Café @ Garosugil, Apgujeong

Sunday means nice brunch and long conversation over a cup of tea/coffee/anything you want really. Sunday also means spending a little more frivolously and indulging ourselves some extra sweet we’ve been craving all week. In short Sunday is a perfect day for afternoon tea. That said, never in my two years of living in Korea had I actively searched for a place serving high tea (the last time I read a high tea review in Seoul was at least 6 months ago) nor bumped into a cafe that actually offers the service. That is, until last week when I stumbled upon Bloom and Goûté – a pretty flower cafe that looked too good on the outside to pass by.

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[travel] Can Venice be cheap?

The short answer is, yes.
As you might have read my declaration of love for Venice here, you can only imagine how sad I was to read indonesia in my pocket‘s very different view on Venice (ok it is not that I was sad sad but I like to exaggerate things). I understand her frustration, though. 5 euro for a scoop of gelato is a crime against humanity. Had I encountered such ridiculous price tag/cost of staying in Venice like her, I don’t think I could have written such a loving post about Venice.

Luckily for me, however, my short holiday was very affordable and pleasant for such a popular city.
And here is how.

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[eat] Fresh pizzas at Vapiano @ Amsterdam, the Nethelands

Who would think that a library could be the second best attraction in a Metropolitan city? Certainly not me. But Openbare Bibliotheek (Central Library) in Amsterdam is such a place. Ranked just behind Concertgebouw, the Openbare Bibliotheek is now one of the must-visit places for tourists in Amsterdam according to tripadvisor. While a bookworm is certain to find a piece of his heart in this sleek, modern, huge library, after a long time gobbling down over-the-top-salty, overcooked, greasy foods at my school’s canteen, I was thrilled to try some good food at Vapiano–an excellent Italian franchise restaurant located on the first floor of the library.

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[eat] Pizza at Trevia pizza di Roma @ Noksapyeong, Seoul

Believe it or not I have an emotional connection with pizza. I could consume a whole large pizza without finding myself feeling guilty at the slightest about how it is going to entirely destroy my diet whatsoever. Pizza is love pizza is what makes the world go round let me tell you.

If you’re a Noksapyeong/Itaewon frequenter, you probably already know that Trevia pizza di Roma is one of the most popular pizza restos in the area and god do they live up to the reputation.

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[cafe] Afternoon coffee by Utrecht Canal at Il Pozzo

Yes, finally, I have resumed my foodie’s life. After one hectic week of social activities and beginning-of-term shock (I’m still in shock actually, has the semester really started???), I am slowly going back to my normal life, that is, checking out as many restos & cafes/tea houses as possible.

If you happen to be in Utrecht, or in any Dutch city for that matter, the IT place is usually by the canal. Utrecht is no exception. Surrounding Utrecht’s Oudegracht (old canal) is a plethora of restaurants, cafes, antique shops, food trucks, and everything in between. If you follow my blog, you must have seen me enthusiastically upload trillions of photos of this ultra pretty canal already. Tired of admiring it from afar, today, I decided to sit down at Il Pozzo–an Italian restaurant famous for its prime location (right on the Oudegracht bank!)–for some afternoon coffee, accompanied by a tiramisu.

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[eat] Lovely pizzas at Bilbao Pizza @ Sinchon, Seoul

Finally after 2 weeks of low-carb diet, my treat day has come. This morning at 7:30 I hopped to the Dunkin’ Donuts next to Severance Hospital to stuff my face with some beloved Donuts and I just came back from a filling lunch. It is always nice to bite on some thin crust pizzas and catch up with your dear friend. I was hanging out with the vegetarian friend I blogged about here — and naturally, I had to eat vegetarian pizzas today. But boy they were good. Margherita pizza with GOOD cheese always hits the spot.

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