this user is dead

i knew this moment would come.

as you guys have noticed, photos do not show on my blog anymore. i usually copy photo links from facebook. it worked well for years, and now it stops showing. good photos = the soul of my blog. now that the soul is gone, i’m disheartened.

Han is back to Vietnam. I am busy trying to live a frugal life for future travel plans + writing a decent thesis. the conclusion is sadly inevitable and inevitably sad, i don’t think i can continue with this blog.

sad indeed, this is my last semester in korea, and i won’t be able to do what i always loved to do.

thank you all for checking this blog out, for even considering this as THE place to read up about Seoul foods as some told me. that is seriously touching, and i am incredibly sad to not be able to keep up with your expectations.


Hi guys,

As you can see, I haven’t updated this blog for the past 3 weeks, and I’m afraid that I will be MIA for the upcoming three months.

For the past 3 weeks… well, I have been travelling, to where, you ask? Croatia, Montenegro, Switzerland, and Malta. Amazing destinations, I wish I could share my photos here, but alas, time is something I have not.

And for the next 3 months, I will be somewhere in Tanzania, Kenya, and Ethiopia.

Right, I’m going to Africa for my field course + internship :D

After Africa, however, I will fly straight back to Incheon Airport, and this blog will be, once I recover from my European/African shocks (lol…), updated with what it was created for: Seoul restaurant/cafe reviews.

Now wish me luck, and next time you see me update, it will be from Seoul!

(first photo: Azure Window, Gozo, Malta; second photo: Dubrovnik, Croatia)

Liebster Award :)

The ever kind-hearted Derek kindly nominated us miserable, lazy, undeserving bloggers with a Liebster Award.  Derek is our favorite blogger, whose comments are always so kind and encouraging, whose blog posts are long yet a joy to read. We don’t usually read blogs because we are lazy, and, as you have probably figured out, we are scared of people and making friends. Due to these two main reasons, we avoid following other blogs. Derek’s blog, however, we read very regularly.

He also gave us a set of questions to challenge our Q&A skill. We did struggle through this (people usually don’t ask us anything) but here you go.

Warning: Boring stuff ahead.
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“Old churches get makeovers as homes, bookstores” — My photo on CNN Article

So okay CNN chose my photo of the real cool Selexyz Dominicanen aka. the most awesome bookstore in the world I blogged about earlier. The article is focused on re-purposed buildings in the great and young America, and somehow my photo is featured there. Lol, I guess?

Anyway, for the full article please check here.

Three Great Places… My photo featured on Oryx Magazine

Nothing awesome/major, just that my photo of Jacoby’s Burger was chosen to be featured in an article on Oryx–Qatar Airways’ in-flight magazine September edition.

I love Jacoby’s Burger for their wholesome fare, and was really glad to see it featured on this great magazine (Oryx is among the better quality in-flight mags I have read I must say). And of course, I am happy to see my photo published in real life, not online, lol.

For the full article you can either 1, fly with Qatar… or 2, check here.

“Travel, order, eat: 15 best dishes abroad”–My photo on a CNN article

Nothing out of this world, it’s just I uploaded my “best travel dish” photo on CNN iReport and it was chosen.
You can check out the link here.
My photo is #11. It is jelly fish noodle I had in Nha Trang, Vietnam. The noodle was the highlight of my trip, among others. I can still vividly remember how fascinated and enlightened I felt the moment I tasted the broth. Divine.

If you’re curious about my other photos on CNN iReport, they are here…
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The Peckish Kiwi nominated me a Liebster Award. In case you are wondering what it is, it is a blog award for new bloggers with fewer than 300 followers (but some say 2000… I don’t know). The nominated blogger is supposed to nominate other bloggers to spread the love (liebster = dearest/most beloved in German; ah how I adore that language). But I don’t know 11 bloggers, I will refrain from nominating for now. Once I do, I will sure share this, because the badge looks awesome xD

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