[travel] My last day in Maastricht

This is the last post of my Maastricht-Brussels series. After our quick trip to Brussels, we took it easy in Maastricht by just visiting the two famous landmark of Basilica of Saint Servatius–a beautiful Roman Catholic Church, and Selexyz Dominicanen–a former Dominican church dating back to the 13th century, which now serves as a the world’s coolest bookstore.

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[travel] Maastricht: first impression

Greetings from Maastricht–the capital of the province of Limburg, the birthplace of the European Union, of European citizenship, and of the euro. I remember reading about this city when I was 13 years old in my Geography text book and was fascinated by it. Little did I know that I would be here for real.

I took a 2-hour train ride from Utrecht to Maastricht, arriving at 5pm. The weather was fabulous so my friend took me out for a walk for a few hours before we headed back to her room to plan our travel itinerary tomorrow. Guess who is going to Brussels in 10 hours? xDDDDD But lemme share some snapshots of Maastricht today first.

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