[travel] What is there in Cologne?

Apart from this?

After a stressful flight from Rome to Amsterdam, I got back to my room in Utrecht at 11:30pm on 17 January 2014. I rushed to do laundry, check emails, and do some very very last minute packing for yet another adventure the next day. Yes, I have to get up at 5am to catch my 6am train for Cologne. Guys, this is seriously strenuous alright. After 1 week of non-stop sightseeing in Italy, a flight + train ride + biking back, a few hours of doing laundry and waiting for my clothes to dry, I have 3 hours of sleep before getting back to the road.

Given my fragile state on that day, it is no surprise that I did not enjoy Cologne very much.

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[travel] Eastern Europe tour: Berlin day 3

Hi guys, I am so behind in updating my travel report >.< To add to this, I also just found out that I conveniently and miraculously deleted all the best photos of Berlin (that of Berlin Dom and Berlin Concert Hall). Lol smart Thai is smart.
Anyway my 3rd and last day in Berlin was chill and uneventful. We just went to Tempelhof Airport, spent sometime at the historical, large, boring(?) field before heading to KaDeWe–the second-largest department store in Europe proudly located at Tauentzienstraße.

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[travel] Eastern Europe tour: Berlin day 1&2

First of all, the authors are terribly sorry they haven’t been updating this blog recently. Both of us have been fighting with midterm exams to the point of exhaustion. Han is still on her (fatal) educational conquest, while I, once done with exams, had to hop on the train immediately to start a 10-day Eastern Europe trip or organized by UCDean–“a Netherlands based, independent non-profit travel group that aims at acquainting students and young professionals (aged 16-35) with the new and future EU member-states in Central and Eastern Europe.” This is our schedule and yes it is a hectic one. Berlin, however, is truly beautiful.

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