[travel] The colorful village of Cassis

After the hike of our life (well…) in Calanque de Port Miou, we ventured back into the village to catch our bus back to Marseille. Little did I know that Cassis’ beauty would again strike me with awe, as we happily spent 3+ hours wandering in the tiny village, marveled at colorful houses and basked in the glorious sunset

A small beach we passed by on our walk:

Despite some initial horror at women’s bare breasts I managed to keep it together and pose for some touristy photos…

Apparently blue was not the only color of the day. The village indeed knew how to rock a range of hues:

Just beautiful:

After a coffee break and a perfume testing session, we decided to hang around the main beach to catch a glimpse of the sunset:

I always knew that my hair is gorg (lol) but I couldn’t help falling fatally in love with the luscious color the twilight sun dyed my hair with:


The ride back was also wonderful. I didn’t manage to catch a photo of Cassis glowing in the dark between tall mountains and dense trees. Sitting on the bus, staring at the mesmerizing sights down below, I couldn’t help but feeling thankful for being able to travel, to see and to experience so much goodness in life.


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